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CodyCross Amusement park Group 201 Puzzle 1
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__ Nicks, Singer For Fleetwood Mac
Largest Island In The Mediterranean Sea
Performing On Stage, Film Or Tv
Denmark’s Northernmost Town; The Scaw In English
It Can Be Fahrenheit Or Celsuis
He Is Said To Have Founded The Church Of Alexandria
To Give Power Over To An Authority Figure
__ Eliot; Actual Name Mary Anne Evans
Tough__; Dolly Bird, Cutie; Small Sweet Cake
Mad As A __
Ancient Gate Leading To The Inner City Of Babylon

CodyCross Amusement park Group 201 Puzzle 2
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Hearer Or Disciple In Buddhism And Jainism
Excursion, Peregrination, Trip
The Mediterranean __ Is Good For Growing Fruits
__ Palacio, President Of Ecuador, 2005-2007
Someone’s Character; Role Played By An Actor
Artwork Made With Pencil Or Crayons
nothing To __, Quickest Route Through Customs
It Is Said They Do Not Make The Man
Yo-yos Were First Used As __ In The Philippines
Frederic __, French Poet With A Windy Surname
Place Or Room Where Food Is Prepared
The Mimic Octopus Can Mirror Other Marine __
Rights Police Must Remind When Arresting

CodyCross Amusement park Group 201 Puzzle 3
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Magnificence, Augustness, Brilliance, Glory
Smaller Than A Clutch; Mini Purse With A Strap
Broom __ Males Have Numerous Long Spines
Portuguese For Tiles, Used On Walls Or Floors
Greek Demi-god, Son Of Zeus
Via __, Roman Road From The Capital To The Sea
Black Hue Based On Barbecue Necessity
Something A Beggar Can Never Be
Substance Or Liquid Used To Treat Diseases
Jean-jacques __, French Philosopher In Jacobin Club
Three-dimensional Picture Made By Lasers
To Make Something Pretty
Knife For The Outdoors With Serrated Side
A River Or Canal Route For Travelling By Water
Maker Of Beer And Record Books
Jeff Dunham Tv Special, __ In Hollywood
Michigan State __ Play At Spartan Stadium
Cooker Patented By James Sharp In 1826

CodyCross Amusement park Group 201 Puzzle 4
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The Yeti Supposedly Lives In The __ Region Of Nepal
Sheaths For A Sword, Dagger Or Bayonet
Animals That Sleep During The Day
She Wrote A Diary Which Became Famous Worldwide
Pineapple-shaped British Hand Grenade
An Expert In A Finance-related Social Science
Copd: Chronic Obstructive __ Disease
What Clay Aiken’s Biggest Fans Call Themselves
Chamber Of The Heart, Left Or Right
Designed To Serve Food; Buffet Table; Plural In Uk
Raf Propaganda Showered On Germany In Wwii
Short-tempered; Hard To Manage Or Control
Wind Instrument; French Harp Or Mouth Organ
__ Arena, Will Be Renamed Spartak For 2018 Wc

CodyCross Amusement park Group 201 Puzzle 5
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Team Of Magic, Kareem And Wooden
Person Who Selects And Approves Newspaper Copy
Ancient Egyptian Goddess And Consort Of Amun
It Cuts Things Into Very Small Pieces
To Breakout, Bunk, Flight
British Rock Star, Famous Worldwide, Ozzy __
Single-handed Sword Used In Northwestern Africa
Style Perfected By Us Artist Andy Warhol
Deep Blue Dye, Historically From Plants
The Map __ Does Not Have Scales
Romantic Language And Famous Perfumes
An Exertion Of Power Within Something
Rubber Or Metal Ring Used In A Car Engine