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CodyCross Amusement park Group 202 Puzzle 1
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Another Name For Ghost, Phantasm
Swiss River In The Bernese Alps, Also Called Saane
Estádio Do __, Football Arena In Recife, Brazil
Water __; You Can Also Do It On Snow
Survivor Winner Rob Mariano, Aka __ Rob
Something __ Is Called A Fink In Circus
neither Single Nor Triple
Army Occupational Title, Artillery Title
Us Fiction, The __and The Sea, Hemingway’s Classic
Enemies At War Engage In This
Something Carried With Difficulty
Currency Of Angola, Replaced The Escudo
To Withdraw From An Organization; Political
Cooking In An Oven

CodyCross Amusement park Group 202 Puzzle 2
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natural, Formal And Social Are Three Types Of This
Insulating Storage Vessel, Keeps Liquid Hot Or Cold
Italo __, Italian Journalist And Writer
Dressed Up
Irksome Or Annoying In Your Heart Or Body
Adobe Software For Pdf Files
__ Cup, Trophy Awarded To The Nhl Winner
It Is Sweet
Creature With Unconfirmed Existence
Kitchen Appliance; It Grinds And Mixes
Music Performance By Band, Singer Or Orchestra
World’s Largest Ocean
__ Croucher Is Gray With Red Spots All Over
Mediterranean Plant, Mustard Like, Used In Salad
Appendages At The Ends Of Your Hands
Glassy Materials; Study Of Glassware
__ Operations Executive, Wwii Espionage Unit
Chinese __ And Peasants’ Army, Red Flag Wavers
Italian Fashion House Of Colorful Knitwear

CodyCross Amusement park Group 202 Puzzle 3
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The __ Story, Best Foreign Film 1985, Argentina
Italian, English, Spanish, French
Heavenly Plant, Giant Ragweed
Spanish Word For Sponge Cake, Pastry Or Cookie
Car That Runs On Batteries, Not Gas
A Summary Outline Of A Course Requirements
René __, French Surrealist Artist
American Curly-crested Bird With Yellow Bill
___ Book, Medieval Literature Taught You Manners
French General, Nicknamed The Little Corporal
The Capital Of North Dakota

CodyCross Amusement park Group 202 Puzzle 4
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Swedish Tennis Player Won Five Wimbledon Titles
__ Land, Royal Norwegian Antarctic Possession
Hard To Believe
Children’s Game In Which You Play Doctor
Cooked Bread And Warm Dairy Liquid
“socializing” Of Computer Hardware And Software
America Ferrera Show From Colombian Telenovela
French General Of The Us Revolutionary War
Ammonium __, Salt, Unstable Compound
Classical Term For A Bullfighter
Circus Performer Turned Actor Burt __
newborn Baby Bird
Mythical Tibetan Buddhist Kingdom
Hollow Tube With Beans, Pins Inside To Make Rain
Bette Davis Cripples Husband, Wins Oscar
Care And Treatment Of Women In Childbirth

CodyCross Amusement park Group 202 Puzzle 5
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__ Olympic Stadium, 2004; Spyros Louis
__ Seconds Over Tokyo, Us Movie, Doolittle Raid
To Decipher, Crack, Decrypt
Chinese Daggers Mounted On A Detachable Ring
Ordained Minister Below A Priest, Brother
Article Used At Table To Wipe Lips Or Fingers
Most Westernmost And Easternmost Us State
Joseph __-levitt, Actor, Filmmaker, Producer
Three-wheeled Motorized Rickshaw-type Vehicle
Simple Campfire Australian Bread
They Use Only 10 Percent Of Their Brains
Arctic Animals With Huge Tusks And Whiskers
Groups Of Stars And Matter Found In The Universe
Type Of Wall Built By British Band, Oasis
Formal Black Tie Attire For Men
Summer, Fall, Winter Or Spring