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CodyCross Amusement park Group 206 Puzzle 1
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to Board A Plane Or Ship For A Journey
trauma-causing Sport Known As “sweet Science”
__ Merkel, Germany’s First Woman Chancellor
jobholder, Dogsbody, Employee
__ Burns, Ceo Of Xerox
hooded Coats Invented By The Inuit
he Can Put A Spell On You
europe’s Highest Peak, In Caucasus Mountains
a Virtue; The Possession Of Knowledge
antioxidants Treat Damage Due To __ In The Body
soft Tissue Found In Animals, Makes Movement
tv Show About A Cartoon Aardvark
us 1980 Film From An Insect’s Point Of View
slightly Bitter Belgian Beer Made With Wild Yeasts

CodyCross Amusement park Group 206 Puzzle 2
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__ New Year, Spring Or Lantern Festival
rifle Invented By German Hugo Schmeisser
paint Through The Holes Of This Cut-out Card
marine Fish Belonging To The Carangidae Family
body Of A Lion, Wings Of An Eagle
one Of The 13 Words Impossible To Play In Scrabble
mystic Or Prophetic Trance
filo-made Pastry From The Ottoman Empire
british Blues Artist Who Shot The Sherrif
you Must Control This To Not Gain Weight
event During Which People Discuss Business
__ Hook, Peter Pan’s Archenemy
la Santa Maria, La Pinta And La Niña
distention Is Being __ From Internal Pressure
they Like Inflicting Pain
loud-sounding Natural Phenomenon
placing Possessions To Move To Another Location
new Wine Shouldn’t Be Put Into Old Ones
__ Stadium 2002, Japanese Soccer Field
to Make Or Create A Fabric With A Hooked Needle
anything Thrown As A Missile

CodyCross Amusement park Group 206 Puzzle 3
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strong Dark Coffee, Literally “pressed Out”
calcium __, Salt Used For Dust Control
country Bordered Only By Spain, Capital Lisbon
short, Musical Play, Often Funny
appropriate, Suitable
a Blessing In __
consumer Products Brand
an Ankh Is An Ancient __ Good Luck Charm
a Shiny Black Substance That Is Used In Pencils
everyone Celebrates This Once A Year
ancient Two-wheeled Vehicle Pulled By Humans
a Flap Opening In A Ceiling Or Into The Floor
__ Review, Major Feature Of Common Law
encephalitis Is __ Of The Brain

CodyCross Amusement park Group 206 Puzzle 4
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willing To Consent Or Accept
educator, Scholar, Teacher
retreat Of Chairman Mao’s Red Army From The Kmt
system Of National Highways In France
this Shark Has A Large Black Spot Above Front Fins
bottom Drawer In Uk, Glory Box In Australia
medical Science Of Feet
dionne Warwick Composer, Burt __
fellini’s Italian Movie, Mythical Tales Set In Rome
us Fermented Dairy Product, Baked Potato Topping
beecher Stowe Lived Next Door To Sawyer Creator
__, Home To Uttar Pradesh Cricket Team
country Where The Tasmanian Devil Is Found

CodyCross Amusement park Group 206 Puzzle 5
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six-line Spanish Poem
__ Jane, Wild West Daredevil Wore Men’s Clothes
ore Of Antimony Used In Firework Production
napoleon And Henry Vii Are Examples Of __
annular __, Porgies, Small Silver Tropical Fish
leonardo Da Vinci’s Masterpiece
narrow Strip Of Salt Water In The Seashore
sewn Stitches That Invisibly Overcast A Thread
sweet __, Us Famous Song, Neil Diamond
study Of Human Settlement
french Sweet White Wine
in Reality
curved Sword, Like A Sikh Kirpan
stage Between Child And Adult
assistance For A Sudden Injury Or Illness