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CodyCross Amusement park Group 209 Puzzle 1
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turmeric, Pepper And Cardamom Are All __
norway Seaport And Cruise Ship Terminal
to Have Something In Mind As A Goal
ancient City Of Upper Mesopotamia
to Fall Down As A Result Of Physical Pressure
group Of Countries Against The Axis Powers In Wwii
small Knob Used For Holding Clothes Together
a Bear Warning Against Forest Fires
mythical Creature With Man’s Head And Fish’s Tail
__ Airways, Second-largest Airline Of The Uae
added To Table Salt To Prevent Diseases
volkswagen Type 1; It Means “käfer” In German

CodyCross Amusement park Group 209 Puzzle 2
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emperor Of Japan Who Came To Power In 1989
bad Guy In A Story
first Commercial Video Game Console For Home Use
to Move Forward Or Ahead
us Daily Comic Strip, Satirical Office Humor
__ Wall, Ancient Limestone Holy Place In Jerusalem
wooden Conical Labrophone Used By Mountain Dwellers
san Francisco 49ers Play At The Levi’s __
norse Seafarers, Raiders And Traders

CodyCross Amusement park Group 209 Puzzle 3
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the Science Of Remedies Or Therapeutics; Iamatology
modern Day State Of The Khans
crumbly Top On Muffins, Pies And Cakes
another Name For A Lawyer Or Counselor
brian __, Nfl Linebacker, Actor, Born In Ok
this Person Plans And Builds Using Math And Physics
most __ In The Body Are Beneficial Or Harmless
musical Piece By Us Composer Gershwin, __ In Blue
this Agreement Can Be Written Or Oral
hans Christian __, Best Known For Fairy Tales
what Can Go Wrong

CodyCross Amusement park Group 209 Puzzle 4
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side Of A Coin With The Monarch’s Head On
__ Del Toro, Actor Known For His Role In Traffic
middle Eastern Drum With A Rounded Back
glass Window On The Ceiling Of House
__ Animal, Kid’s Plush Toy, Teddy The Most Popular
small Computer Component With Inputs, Functions
another Word For Police
the __ Giraffe, Hot Dalí Painting
plumber Suction Tool
do Not Wear Out Your __
directions Or Position While Flying
child Actress, Dakota __
la __, French Mail Order Company Founded In 1837
civil Disobedience Is __ Resistance
one-eyed Greek Creatures
emotionless Humor
a Subcategory Of A Broader Category
__ Corals Are Also Known As Flower Corals
mouth Surgeon Always Asks If You’ve Been Flossing
frodo’s Last Name

CodyCross Amusement park Group 209 Puzzle 5
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to Make Unclear Or Confusing; Darken
weather Instrument Invented By Torricelli
taking God’s Name In Vain
originator Of The Best Dressed List, Mr. __
not Capital Words
ruler Of The Aztecs, Associated With A Gippy Tummy
interesting, Amusing Or Biographical Incident
the Eldest Son Of The Russian Highest Monarch
main Dish, Leftovers Used As Cold Cuts
digit End
study Or Anything Related To Your Ears
master Of Suspense
athletic Competition With Ten Different Events
cate__, Actress Of Lord Of The Rings
important For Drivers, Especially On Hills
mesopotamian Empire