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CodyCross Amusement park Group 211 Puzzle 1
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protester For Change
anne __, Us Actress, The Graduate
the Serengeti Cat Is Half Bengal, Half __ Shorthair
__ Worship, Veneration Of Deceased Relatives
protection Against Hackers
classic “aerial” Cocktail Includes Violette
country In South Asia, Capital Is Islamabad
old Man’s Beard Climber With Colorful Flowers
backyard Is A Circus Trade __
who __ To You Will Chatter Of You
a Pentathlon Is Five __ Athletic Events
tribe Banished In Trail Of Tears
safe Place To Be In Case Of A Tornado

CodyCross Amusement park Group 211 Puzzle 2
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medicine That Reduces Pain And Fever
coastal Region, People Or Language Of Se Africa
to Provide Money For Something Or Someone
eager But Worried About An Event, Item
aladdin’s Kingdom In The 1992 Disney Film
post-transition Metal Similar To Lead
hannibal Lecter, Silence Of The Lambs, __hopkins
poultry Item Brushed Onto A Pastry Before Baking
the Headless Horseman’s Victim, __ Crane
relating To Greek Or Roman Antiques, Art, Writing
bassist, Lead Singer Of Face-painted Band Kiss
__ Act Is An Aerial Act With Long Cloths
kids __ To Act Like Someone Else
largest Living Primate, Eats Mostly Plants

CodyCross Amusement park Group 211 Puzzle 3
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superhero Fashion Designer For The Incredibles
part Of A Slope
__ To His Taste
one Of The Months Of The Calendar
illegal, Felonious, Illicit, Lawless
spanish Principality, Oviedo Is Its Capital
when Chemicals Transform From One Set To Another
kim __, Us Actress, Nine 1/2 Weeks
sunrise, Dawn
process Involving Lead Started In 6500 Bc Turkey
this Sport Combines Basketball And Soccer
sideboard Cupboard Found In Dining Room
us Comic Strip About A Lasagna-loving Feline
important To Quranic Teaching, Tunisian City
female Counterpart To Egyptian Sun God
woody, Aromatic Evergreen Shrub Used As Herb

CodyCross Amusement park Group 211 Puzzle 4
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hospital Transportation
woodwind Instrument Invented In Belgium In 1840
a Herbivore Dinosaur With A Pointy Thumb
gluten Free Loaf Made From Other Staple Food
area Centers Around Study Of Symbols
simulated And Colorful Combat
scientist Concerned With Turning Metals To Gold
a Uk Bay Is Named After This Medieval Folk Hero
original Monopoly’s Most Expensive Property
relating To The Lungs
wwi Campaign In Turkey With Australian Involvement
study Of Earth’s Lands, People And Phenomena
2016 Oscar Winner For Best Picture
us Oscar Winner, Political Activist, Fitness Guru
country In Central America, Capital Is San José

CodyCross Amusement park Group 211 Puzzle 5
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need For Speed’s __ Installment Was Released In 2013
a Heroscape Is A Turn-based __ War Game System
best-known Novel Written By Jack Kerouac
someone You Compete Against, Enemy
photo Poster Facebook Alternative
independent Worker, Self-employed
rounded Bread Accompanies Meals
austin Powers, Shrek, Wayne’s World
rock Used To Sharpen Agricultural Blades On
sri __ Sahib, Amritsar’s Golden Temple