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CodyCross Amusement park Group 212 Puzzle 1
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geographic Area Atop Of The World
euphrates’ Holy City Near Ancient Babylon
anaheim Team Named After Disney Movie
to Neglect Or Pay No Attention To
family Originators Of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
the __ Deception, Doc Criticized Us Military
__ Huxley, English Writer, Brave New World
puckering In Cloth
this Study Takes Closer Look At Bird Eggs
everyday Italian Bread Translates To “line”
air __, Oxygen-providing Australian Musical Duo
bologna-based Motorcycle Manufacturer
fly Larva, White Worm-like Larva
tree Or Insect That Came In A Plague
official Currency Of Gambia

CodyCross Amusement park Group 212 Puzzle 2
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one Who Has Acquired Representation
place Where A Ship Stops To Load People Or Goods
new York Is Located In North __
merchandise To Be Brought Back To The Store
someone Who Can Read Your Mind
a Series Of Continued Actions Or Operations
warren __, Ceo Of Berkshire Hathaway
warm Moments Associated With Menopause
yard-long Double-edged Sword From Eastern Africa
long-beaked Bird With A Large Throat Pouch
new __, Name Given To Northeast Region In Us
study Of Life

CodyCross Amusement park Group 212 Puzzle 3
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capital City Of India
some Situations Can Escalate Into This
study Of Natural Or Biological Character
famous German Fighter Pilot Called “ace Of Aces”
it Can Be One Man’s Trash
the __ Sea Raven Is Bright Yellow With Prickly Fins
greek “squeaky” Cheese, Grilled Or Barbecued
hubert De __, French Designer For Audrey Hepburn
this Angel Can Make Your Business Dream Come True
an __ In Paris, Won The Academy Awards In 1952
__ Driving Is A Major Traffic Violation In The Us
tabloid Magazine The National __
georgian Orthodox Holy City Near Capital
andersen’s Tale Of Dancing Feet In Bright Footwear
__ Of May 1808, Goya’s War Artwork
agitated, Distressed, Perturbed
mouse Trap Is A 3d __ Board Game For Kids
musical Instrument Often Linked To Scotland
this Belt Moves Luggage At An Airport

CodyCross Amusement park Group 212 Puzzle 4
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athletic Supporter
cha Ching, Study Of Material Wealth
liquorice-flavored “heavenly Body” Spice
common Us Food, Buttermilk And __
by The Very Nature Of The Deed
insect With Beautiful Wings
repeating Vowels In Poetry; Like Alliteration
mountain Range Between China, India And Pakistan
keira __, Actress Of Pirates Of The Caribbean
investment Firm Specializing In Managing Risk
football Score Used To Be Worth Five Points

CodyCross Amusement park Group 212 Puzzle 5
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joseph __, English Inventor Of Portland Cement
largest Number Formed By One Syllable In English
slang For Red-headed Person
knowledgeable Spider From African Folktales
typical Bread From Lunigiana Region In Italy
taxi Driver’s Character Played By De Niro
sudden Mass Arrival
to Actively Not Notice Someone Or Something
custom-makes, Repairs And Alters Clothes
you Put A Ring On It
“skyscraper” Is One Of Her Hit Songs: Demi __
george __, Was Superman On Tv
to Accumulate, Collect, Amass
eight-legged Sea Creatures
spiked Shoes Used In Soccer To Avoid Slipping
former Currency Of Finland, Replaced By The Euro
__ Dahl, Drummer Of Norwegian Hard Rock Band Tnt
tall Black Formal Accessory Mostly Worn By Men
cyst Or Tumor That Is Not Harmful
crashing This Car Is The Goal