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CodyCross Amusement park Group 213 Puzzle 1
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ancient Calculator With Moving Beads
certainly, Without A Doubt, Yes
the Person With The Final Say In Baseball Rulings
male Swimsuit Popular Europe, Not So Much In Us
poe’s Inspiration In The Raven
part Of Olive Tree Given As Peace Offering
one Of The Founders Of Modern Political Philosophy
less Common Name For A Bell Pepper
legendary Creature, Fire-spewing, With Serpentine
italian Painter From 16th C, Real Name Tiziano

CodyCross Amusement park Group 213 Puzzle 2
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member Of The 60s British Rock Band Cream: Eric __
__ Dance, Bruegel’s Artwork Of Pastoral Carousing
rpg Is A Role __ Game
with Jones Made Global Non-stop Balloon Flight
artist Who Parodied The Mona Lisa: Marcel __
shallow-rooted Plants Used In Rockeries
psionics Relates To Mental Or __ Powers
hills With The Tv Zip Code 90210
thriller About A Veteran War On A Killing Spree
men __, Will Smith And Tommy Lee Jones Star
german Layered Pastry With Sweet Filling
candy And Treats On Halloween
french Version Of The Punch And Judy Show
a Near Success Is Close But This

CodyCross Amusement park Group 213 Puzzle 3
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amos __ , World-renown Painter From The Bahamas
medicine That Counteracts Poisons
gone With The Wind Heroine, __ O’hara
candy-coated Gum That Resemble Teeth
ancient Mammoth
planets, Asteroids, Stars And Comets Live Here
the Norm; Average
sea Of The __, Off Coast Of Western Scotland
gustavus __, King Known As The Lion Of The North
japanese Motorcycle And Jet Ski Brand
they Could Be Called “the Opposite Of Sisters”
__, Reggae Album By Bob Marley & The Wailers, 1979
table With Days, Weeks, Months And Year
small Red Or Orange Beetles, Black Spots On Wings

CodyCross Amusement park Group 213 Puzzle 4
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co-founded Apple With Wozniak And Wayne
elder Or Senior Priest In Catholicism
highest Point Of The Alps With A Peak At 4,808m
canadian Film By Jean-marc Vallé In 1995
crocodile’s Cousin
word Used In Us For Leaseback
calcium-rich Feldspar Mineral
the Month With The Highest Number Of Letters
anagram Of Arsenides
hard Natural Ecosystem Under The Ocean
us Boxer Who Bit His Opponent’s Ear
benito __, Italian Fascist Leader, 1922-1943

CodyCross Amusement park Group 213 Puzzle 5
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first Made In 1963 By Rocket Scientists In The Us
famous For Knife Named After Him
trait Of Being Obsessed With Yourself
it Is Similar To A Duck, But No Duck At All
say What Your Greatest __ Is In A Job Interview
fiction Or Drama With High Degree Of Suspense
a Baker’s Dozen
substance Or Preparation Used To Treat A Disease
set __, Stage Scenery Not Used, More Realistic
an Artist Whose Canvas Is A Wall Or A Ceiling
tractors Powered By __ Were Created In 1849 Iowa