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CodyCross Amusement park Group 214 Puzzle 1
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the Second Most Populous Continent
the Pug Is A Small Dog With A Wrinkly, Short __
a Concussion Is An __ To The Brain From A Blow
shared Name Of Six Kings Of Spain, Felipe
haulm __, Agricultural Machine That Cuts Potato Stems
a Street Musician Who Collects Donations
indian Monastery
boston Sports Team Named After Apparel
1960s Science-themed Children’s Tv Series On Bbc
warning Signal, Usually Elevated
lapis __, Deep Blue Stone Found In Ne Afghanistan

CodyCross Amusement park Group 214 Puzzle 2
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bar Attached To Two Ropes Used By Acrobats
jackson __, Us Artist Who Painted The She-wolf
water Zodiac Sign Coming After Libra
small, Guitar-like Instrument
fragrance, Aroma, Scent, Spice
fuel Made From Ethyl Alcohol
the Lek Is The Official Currency There Since 1926
the Doctor’s __, Uk Play By George Bernard Shaw
cheers Spinoff
daughter Of Necker And Critic Of Napoleon
room In House Where Best Smells Come From

CodyCross Amusement park Group 214 Puzzle 3
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st Francis __, Patron Saint Of Animals
le __, Canadian Newscast By Geneviève Asselin
__ English, Dialect Of English Spoken In The Us
montana’s Biggest City, Near Yellowstone Park
sholem __, Russian Writer Of Fiddler On The Roof
mountain Chain That Separates France And Spain
cards Against __, Us Satirical Non-pc Party Game
popular Singing Competition With Famous Judges
the Apple 1 __ Was Released In 1976
one Of The Parts Of The Small Intestine
a Person Who Works As A Landscaper
mincing, Blending, Grating; Drilling
activity Requiring Physical Effort
it Was Nice Doing __ With You

CodyCross Amusement park Group 214 Puzzle 4
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ghastly, Dreadful
home To Top British University, “silicon Fen”
unplanned; A Short Piano Piece
powerful Lights Attached To The Front Of A Vehicle
the Study Of Stars And Planets
richard The __, England’s Brave King
arm Of The Atlantic Ocean, West Of Greenland
made From Cacao Beans, Extremely Delicious
longest-ruling Female In Russia, __ The Great
__ Festival, Famous Canadian Theatrical Gathering
in A Boxing Match, He Usually Coaches The Fighter
sauk Leader, American Military Helicopter
condorman Is A Disney __ Comedy Film

CodyCross Amusement park Group 214 Puzzle 5
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shopping Website And Brazilian River
piece Of Cloth Used As An Emblem; Online Ad
old French For “angel”; It Means “lamb” In English
in __ Color, Snl Sketch Comedy Rival
eight Notes, In Music
byzantine With A Dynasty Created In His Name
jhumpa __, Wrote The Namesake
__ Oysters Are Sessile With Very Colorful Mantles
virtue Is Its Own __
parishioner At A Local Church; Herdsman