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CodyCross Amusement park Group 216 Puzzle 1
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protagonist Of The Neverending Story
__ Red, Ph Indicator In Labs
a __ Control Tells The Tv What To Do
citroën Car Model Named After A Spiky Plant
to Go To An Event, Lecture, School
georges __, French Painter, Helped Develop Cubism
image File Format To Store Digital Images
his Father Built The Labyrinth For King Minos
this Animal’s Foot Will Bring You Good Luck
an Astronomical Body Orbiting A Star
european Country, Capital Is Sarajevo
fresh, Unripened Curd Cheese Used In Desserts
not A Veteran
craft Of Attaching Objects Using Stitches
chess Piece Representing A Clergyman

CodyCross Amusement park Group 216 Puzzle 2
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the Study Of Alien Spacecraft And Similar Phenomena
in The Blind One The One-eyed Man Reigns
ancient Arabic Dish Made Of Durum Wheat
prestigious Media Public Service Award
someone Who Struts About In A Boastful Way
the Guard Hairs Of An Animal’s Fur
a Usually Tall Cupboard Or Wardrobe
kuril Islands’ Sea, Between Russia And Japan
__ Centenario, Football World’s Classic Stadium
therapeutic Manipulation Of Muscles For Pain
level Of Authority In A Hierarchy; Rank
alice Through The __ Glass, Novel By Lewis Carroll
heavy Balls Are Rolled To Knock Down Pins

CodyCross Amusement park Group 216 Puzzle 3
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spore Is A __ Video Game By Maxis
in This Film Dustin Hoffman’s Character Has Autism
a Reprimand, A Rebuke
european Food Fish From The Cod Family
percy Shaw Invented This Illuminating Road Feature
residence Of King Louis Xiv: __ De Versailles
rope For Raising And Lowering Things, On Ships
james Bond Villain; A Inspiration For Dr. Evil
__ And Lime
adjective That Describes The Tower Of Pisa
czech Tennis Champion 1 Jana __
arthur __, Illustrator Of Edwardian Books
the Proper Place For A Crooner To Sing
scientist Who Works With Reactive Substances
by Cutting His Hair She Made Him Effete
plot Giveaway

CodyCross Amusement park Group 216 Puzzle 4
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vessel Powered By A Furnace And Water
original Name Of A Colorful 3d Brain Teaser
long-distance Race That Consists Of Three Parts
ruled By Vanity, Only Interested In Oneself
leonard __, American Conductor And Composer
superior First-class Cabin On Board Of A Ship
the Fabulous __, Us Film, Pfeiffer And The Bridges
man Who Revolutionized The Us Car Industry
flight Routes That Cover The Least Distance
the __, Crafty Lady By Vermeer
indonesian Yellow Cake Made Of Tapioca Flour
ridiculous, Absurd
an Irrational Fear Of Animals
chinese Gooseberry, Green Flesh, Furry Brown Skin
german Lake, Also Known As The Bodensee

CodyCross Amusement park Group 216 Puzzle 5
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a Period Or State Of Decline
used For Babies Struggling With Breast-feeding
common Low Back Pain
small Area Or Group Enclosed In A Bigger One
the __ Pimpernel, Reign Of Terror Novel By Orczy
mary Mallon, Better Known As __ Mary
a 1940 Car In Cuba, Also Known As Yank Tank
a Person Who Teaches Or Coaches
personal Computer Not Designed To Be Moved Often
it Is The Smallest Country In The World
art Made Of Various Materials Glued On A Surface
ninety Percent Of All Extinct __ Are Birds