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CodyCross Amusement park Group 217 Puzzle 1
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y&r Chemist Whose Father Called Her My Beauty
he Shovels Fuel Into A Furnace On A Steam Train
__ Aires, City Of Tango, Latin America’s Europe
a Result Of Something Else; Cause And __
to Be Able To Do Something Without A Problem
when Stomach Acid Moves Into Your Chest
penguin Named After French Explorer’s Wife
the Great __, Italian Movie, 2013 Oscar Winner
dipping Dish, Usually Made Of Cheese Or Chocolate
how Tall Something Or Someone Is
the Barred __, Central Atlantic Fish With Stripes
partial Darkness Due To Obstruction Of Light
john __, Uk Writer And Polemicist, Paradise Lost
small Utensil Often Used For Peeling Fruit

CodyCross Amusement park Group 217 Puzzle 2
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__ Peppers Usually Have Rice As A Filling
the Atriolum Robustum Is Found In __ Waters
member Of The Upper House Of Parliament
one Of Two Components Of Starch
smallest Nordic Country, Capital Is Copenhagen
lenovo Range Of Tablets Designed For Home Users
olympic Event Includes Bmx, Road, Track
ancient Greek City, Temple Of Artemis
men Strain At Gnats And __ Camels
tall African Animal, Has A Blue And Black Tongue
another Name For This Language Is Castilian
medicine That Provides Immunity To A Disease
libra Is Assigned To This Month
us Community Folk Dancing; Square Or Line
amateur Singer Sings Along With Recorded Music
late Night Host With Trademark Arm Movement

CodyCross Amusement park Group 217 Puzzle 3
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don’t Make __ A Mouse, Or The Cat Will Eat You
a Hemorrhage Is An __ Loss Of Blood
__ Belt, Between The Orbits Of Mars And Jupiter
the Banded __ Is A Venomous Pacific Marine Snake
__ Glory From Lilliput, Gulliver’s Travels Novel
manufacturer Of Boxing Equipment
use This To Never Forget A Birthday Or A Holiday
yogurt With No Whey, Passed Through Filter
wide Tubes Of Pasta
zimmerman Is This Talented Songwriter’s Surname
name Given To 13 Popes, Meaning Harmless And Pure
boy Who Can Fly And Never Grows Up
trifling, Unimportant
area Where News Is Written In A Newspaper Office
type Of Sky That Is All Gray
the Howards Of __, Us Film With Cary Grant

CodyCross Amusement park Group 217 Puzzle 4
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someone Who Makes Or Repairs Footware
not Cell Phones
sport Played On Broomsticks In Harry Potter
pass-allowing Train To Travel Around Europe
estadio Olímpico __, Ecuador’s Main Stadium
imaginary Faraway Place; Michael Jackson’s Home
unbearably Tedious
the Scientific Study Of Snakes
mellow-flavored Soft Cheese From Italy
eleanor Of ___, Married To Henry Ii
abc Tv Series About Country Music Stars
the Black Jack Is A Large __ Tropical Fish

CodyCross Amusement park Group 217 Puzzle 5
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george __, Author Of The Classic 1984
overjoyed, Mega-happy
geri Halliwell Homer, Aka __ Spice
__ Sour, Citric Cocktail With Melon Liquer
__land Paris, Walt’s Theme Park In Europe
african Nature Excursion
us Sprinter Flo-jo’s Married Surname
thank God It’s __, 1978 Disco Musical
main Tributary Of The Ob River In Russia
thin, Brief And Short, Describes Saucy Clothing
wild And Noisy Irish Party; Also “blowing A __”
microblogging Site; Sounds Like A Drinking Glass
the Adams __, Nes Video Game Released 1992
__ Mussorgsky, Humble Russian Composer