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CodyCross Amusement park Group 220 Puzzle 1
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non-beverage Cocktail Served Cold, With Red Sauce
human Tailbone
tropical Fruits With Pink Flesh And Green Outer
movie Featuring Hitchcock’s Shower Sequence
the Consequence Of An Action; Outcome
french City, Sounds Like A Greek Mythical City
__ The Great, King Of Wessex From 871 To 899
phobos And __ Are The Moons Of Mars
in Tales, They Live In Lamps And Grant Wishes
academic Title From A University
shin __, Protections For Lower Leg In Soccer
prairie Wolf; Golden Jackal
treated Honestly, Impartially
companion To The Famous Detective Sherlock Holmes

CodyCross Amusement park Group 220 Puzzle 2
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long, Flat Bone In Middle Of Chest, Breastbone
sale Where Items Are Sold To Highest Bidder
another Name For Aardvark
cleveland __, Ohio Baseball Team
__ For A Dream, 2000 Us Psychological Drama
appliance Used To Cut And Mix Food
italy’s Eastern Neighbor
fine, Crisp, Luxurious Silky Fabric For Dresses
before Now
large White Fruit, Green Or Brown On The Outside
where Nuns, Monks Or Friars Live
illness With Specific Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis

CodyCross Amusement park Group 220 Puzzle 3
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biogenic Gemstone From The Us Rocky Mountains
surviving Servicemen Honored On This Fall Holiday
al Pacino’s Movie, Means “cara Cortada” In Spanish
where Arm And Torso Meet, Joint
criminals, Racketeer
brazilian Form Of Martial Art, Won First Ufc
music Produced Without Electric Amplification
knowledge In Conducting Military Operations
__ Island, French Dessert, On Crème Anglaise
__ Husky, Thick Fur, Light Eyes, Cold Climates
__, Legendary Martial Artist, Actor And Director
east Of Spain; Iberian Sea
red-like Color In Spanish; A Us River

CodyCross Amusement park Group 220 Puzzle 4
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the Study Of Bones
becoming A Recognized Nation, New Us State
thistle-like Vegetable With Leaves And A Heart
india’s Film Industry
one Who Examines To Ensure Standards; Police Rank
gentleman’s __, Not Enforceable By Law
french Writer And Famous Practitioner Of Naturalism
meeting, Reunion
typographic Recourse To Emphasize A Word Or Phrase
based On The Number Twenty
to Detail Carefully
pointy Nose Mammal With Armor Shell
korean Martial Art Developed In The 1940s

CodyCross Amusement park Group 220 Puzzle 5
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they Go Camping, Learn Skills, Even Sell Cookies
harvard, Mit Located In This New England Capital
first Computer __ Game Was Created In 1971
honorary Title Conferred Upon Mounted Warriors
roman God Of Light, Music, Healing, Poetry
laurence __, Uk Writer And Dramatist
this Piece Can Move Diagonally In Chess
the Capital Of Lesotho
preserved Objects Of Religious Significance
panda’s Food Staple; Eco-friendly Flooring
pluricentric Language Spoken In West Africa