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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 182 Puzzle 1
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Female Superior Of Nun Community
Using Salt To Preserve Foods, Especially Meats
To Want Or Like Something Above Other Similar Items
Second Legal Marriage After Death Or Divorce
The Sidewinder Is A Type Of __ Snake From The Us
Samuel __, Father Of The Industrial Revolution
Professional Horse Rider
Late 19th Century Austrian Composer, Gustav __
Fan __, Air Conditioning With Opposite Effect
Yellow Citrus Fruits
__ Wrap, Packing Material Fun To Pop
Greek God Of Darkness And Shadow
The __, Shouty Painting By Edvard Munch

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 182 Puzzle 2
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A Lycanthrope
Official Currency Of Bhutan
Scientific Study Of Man’s Best Friend
German Term For Wine From Late-picked Grapes
Y&r Character Nikki’s Job Before Meeting Victor
Electronic Device To Store And Work With Data
Triple __, Linked Germany, Italy, Austria-hungary
__ Crusoe Was All Alone On An Island
De __, Famous Italian Publisher
Lake __, Is Shared By Four States In The Us
Queen Who Married Ferdinand And Sponsored Columbus
Husband Of Mary, Mother Of Jesus

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 182 Puzzle 3
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Emergency Vehicle Equipped To Treat People
In This Forest, The Wwi Armistice Was Signed
Colorful, Big Eyed Bugs Named After Fire Breather
Female Patron Of Musicians
Capital Of Burundi
Flat Land Subject To Overflow By Salt Water
King Louie The __ In Disney’s The Jungle Book
It Is A Homage That Vice Pays To Virtue
Language Derived From Old Norse
They’ll Keep You Dry During Storms
The Moon Is A Natural One
Wrestling Type That Has Men’s And Women’s Events
Brussels Bread Rolls, Small And Round

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 182 Puzzle 4
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Indigenous Peoples From Siberia And Alaska
Fish Best Known For Its Spawning Practice
Largest Natural Satellite Of Neptune
__ Africanus, Roman Who Won The Battle Of Zama
Pastis, Pomegranate Cocktail From France
Will Eisner’s Superhero Character
Islamic Law From Quran And Hadith
Astrological Bull; Ford Car Model
To Subject To Fire Or Intense Heat
Instrument Played By Elvis
Populus Trees That Tremble

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 182 Puzzle 5
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Extrusive Rock Formed From Cooling Of Basaltic Lava
I Come To Bury Caesar, Not To __ Him
Dana __; An Fbi Agent And Doctor On The X-files
Fighting Tool To Defend Blows
Placing Yourself By A Fire Or Heater For __
Gas Gives You A High-pitched Voice
Glam Metal Band Warned About Thorny Roses
French Region Between The Rhine And The Vosges
A Hard Felt Hat With A Rounded Crown
new Mexico State __ Are From Las Cruces, Nm
Dryads Are Tree __ In Greek Mythology