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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 183 Puzzle 1
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Extrusive Rock Formed From Cooling Of Basaltic Lava
I Come To Bury Caesar, Not To __ Him
Dana __; An Fbi Agent And Doctor On The X-files
Fighting Tool To Defend Blows
Placing Yourself By A Fire Or Heater For __
Gas Gives You A High-pitched Voice
Glam Metal Band Warned About Thorny Roses
French Region Between The Rhine And The Vosges
A Hard Felt Hat With A Rounded Crown
new Mexico State __ Are From Las Cruces, Nm
Dryads Are Tree __ In Greek Mythology

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 183 Puzzle 2
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A Deutschmark Was Made Up Of 100 __
Bovine That Gives Its Name To Mozzarella
Small But Strongly-flavored Fish
Measure For __, Shakespeare’s Comedy
Shirt Or Dress Without Sleeves
Union __, Major Us Rail Company
Fleet Of Warships, Historical Term
Greek Sea Named After Mythical Hero
Theologian And Missionary, Brother Of St Methodius
Phyllosilicate Mineral Within The Mica Group
Indoor Caretaker And Cleaner
To Inhale And Exhale Through The Lungs
Halloween Apparel, Monsters, Ghosts, Princess

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 183 Puzzle 3
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Pole Vault Is Done With A Long, __ Pole
Someone Who Works With Sheets Of Metal
Madonna __, Botticelli Painting
Another Name For A Ghost
One Who Consecrates With Oil
What Laughter Serves As Best
Flame __, Military Weapons That Shoot Fire
Board Game Played On A Chessboard With Discs
__ Gown, Medical Apparel
Clint __, World-wide Known Us Actor And Director
Spanish Philosopher Also Known As Ibn Rushd
One Of The Twelve Apostles
Starchy Vegetables; Edible Tubers; Mashed __
__ And Tobago Are Located In The Lesser Antilles
Obselete, Antiquated
Center Of A Target
Tiny, Frayed Threads From Raw Seam Edges
Prosodic Foot Consisting Of Four Syllables
Trans-__ Orchestra, Rock Christmas Cover Band
Half Man, Half Bull, Son Of The King Of Crete
Common Household Fuel, Used In Oil Lamps

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 183 Puzzle 4
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The __, Renoir Painting Of Rain Shields
Biker Moustache; Goatee Minus Goat Patch
Physical Sports, Games And Exercises
Comes At The End Of The Joke, Worth Waiting For
Judicial Academy Started Beirut In The 2nd Century
Pleasant Odor
The Rotating Parts Of A Revolver
Horror Mastermind Of Birds, Psycho
Flour-based Food Flavored With Alcohol Drink
Holy __; Sharing Of Bread And Wine In Churches
To Substitute An Offensive Word By A Pleasant One
Currency Of Swaziland
Uk Science-fiction Short Stories By Eric F. Russell

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 183 Puzzle 5
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Eunice Kennedy Shriver Founded The __ Olympics
Book Of __, Ancient Egyptian Funerary Text
Guglielmo __, Considered The Inventor Of The Radio
Dense Chocolate Square Treat Popular In The Us
Person In Charge Of A Department Or Team
__ Wilson, Wwi President, League Of Nations
To Form By Incision, To Carve Text Or Pictures
Scottish Music Genre; Piobaireachd, Ceòl Mòr
Uncle __ , “the Richest Duck In The World”
Mary __, The Most Famous Uk Nanny Who Can Also Fly
Offensive To Look At; Visual Hideosity Or Mess
Fish In South America Known For Its Teeth
A __ Fan Uses Rotating Paddles To Circulate Air
Chosen In Place Of Or In Preference To An Original
Brought Up As Evidence In An Argument