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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 185 Puzzle 1
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French Fashion House; Singer __ Dion
number Of Maximum Soccer Players On Field Per Team
Swiss City, United Nations’ Headquarters
Someone Who __ Taxes Will Face Criminal Charges
Laughter In The Rain Singer, Neil __
To Turn Aside, Flip, Reverse Or Turn Over
Type Of Electricity That Makes Your Hair Stand Up
Spray Of Water Used To Clean Yourself
__ Is The Leader Of The Gorgons
Term Meaning “nobles”, Indo-european People
Of Or Related To A Primate; One Went To The Moon
Type Of Spread Made From A Legume, __ Butter
__ Lezion, Israeli City Founded By Russians
Patriarch Of The Family, Dad
Farther Than, Outside Or Past The Normal Limits

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 185 Puzzle 2
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Arabic Mathematical Creation From 9th-century Syria
Pablo __, Guernica Artist
Indefinitely Many, Very Numerous
A Municipality In The Northeast Of The Netherlands
Large Seismic Ocean Wave, Causes Great Destruction
Layered Pastry Often Made With Apples
Live Musical Performance; Orchestra Or Rock
__ Bulldogs Have Muscular Build And A Wrinkled Face
A Varved __ Can Be Found In Non-glacial Lakes
The __ Web Is A Circus Skill Similar To Corde Lisse
Organized Search To Find A Criminal
Someone Following The Realization Of A Personal Deity
Two Equilateral Triangles Joined At Their Bases
Brightest Star In The Constellation Of Leo
Cranial Safety Piece For Construction Site
South Pacific Character Nellie’s Last Name
newly Enlisted; Drafted Member Of The Military
Feelings Of Fear That Cause Problems In The Body
Wicket And Stump Game Huge In India
Area In The Plane Where Pilot Sits And Commands
Give A Man Enough Rope And He Will Hang __

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 185 Puzzle 3
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United Arab __, Capital Abu Dhabi Is Vastly Rich
Home To Everglades Has This Nickname, __ State
It Protects From The Rain; Bad Luck To Open Inside
The __ Shrimp-goby Lives In Mud Or Sand Substrates
The Fairest Rose Is At Last __
Benedict __, Patron Saint Of Europe
Material Used In Breast Implants
Hugely Popular Frozen Dessert
Flip-flaps Are __ Handsprings Done On The Ground
__ Committee, Chinese Government Legislative Body
Second Airport In Rome, With The Code Cia
Really Fond Of Reading And Studying
Attractive, Winsome, Charming

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 185 Puzzle 4
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Document Giving Permission To Go Into A Country
Fairy Tale Character Who Tells Lies
name Of The Queen Who Reigned The Uk For Longest
Leftover Quantity
A Handsome Beatle
Succession From Guru To Disciple In Hinduism
__ Snake Eel Has A Red Head And Lower Jaw
Australian Nut Used In Desserts
Variety Of Pyrope; Raspberry-colored Gemstone
An Item Of Clothing You Put On First
__ Of Life, Us Movie With Lana Turner
Caesar’s Wife Who Supposedly Foresaw His Death
Host Of The Price Is Right
Muscular __, Disease Causing Weakening Of Muscles

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 185 Puzzle 5
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Towards The Back Of The Ship
Bone That Connects The Shoulder And The Sternum
Italian Title Adopted By Benito Mussolini
King __ Vii Sea; Southern Ocean; Norwegian King
Colored Wax Stick For Drawing
__ Street, Children’s Tv Series Featuring Elmo
Sesame Paste Used In Hummus
Current Japanese Period That Started With Akihito
Me And Bobby Mcgee Singer, Janis __
Credo, Dogma, Doctrine