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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 186 Puzzle 1
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Large Flat Surface To Watch Movies On At A Theater
Type Of Decay That Causes Holes In Teeth
To Capture’s Someone Attention; To Involve
Organ In The Mouth That Helps You Eat And Speak
Transparent Lemon And Lime Carbonated Drink
Classic Movie, The __ Of Oz
Ancient Chinese Hexagram Text, Classic Of Changes
The Feeling Of Having Done Something Before
Conspicuous Device Used To Attract Attention
__ Distribution, Probability Theory, Statistics
Of Or Related To Bears

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 186 Puzzle 2
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Calendar Book For Next Year; Farmer’s __
Mature Tropical Cyclone
Capacity, Aptitude, Competence, Faculty
Smoke And __
Large Knife Used For Clearing Foliage
A Word Whose Meaning Is The Opposite Of Another
The Longtail __ Shrimp Is A Freshwater Crustacean
Professional Started With Science Kit As Kid
Ceremonial Bread Popular In Serbian Tradition
This Person Doubts What Most Believe
Discarded And Useless Materials
Band That Had A No. 1 Hit, More Than Words
Act Of Making Words By Rearranging Their Letters
Socks That Reach Right Above The Ankle
Former French Car Brand Now Owned By Volks
To Become Ill While Flying
Irish Province Once Ruled By A “king Of Over-kings”

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 186 Puzzle 3
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Small Organ Usually Removed, Can Rupture
Type Of Font Being Used
Someone With Very Creative Skills
__ Destiny, Belief Us Had Divine Right To Expand
It Is A Sin As Well As Commission
The Young __, 2009 Film About The English Queen
Sea That Lies Between Italy And The Balkans
Infamous Prohibition Era Firearm
The Only Land Mammal That Cannot Jump
Children Are Afraid Of Them
Excited, Frenzied, Hectic, Hyperactive
Study Of Living Cells

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 186 Puzzle 4
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Referred To As The Lion City Or The Little Red Dot
4th American Idol: Country Singer Carrie __
Art Technique Usually Done In Pottery Or Clay
A Device That Lets Us View Distant Objects
Art Of Constructing Catalogues
__ Candler, Business Tycoon Who Founded Coca-cola
number Of Olympic Swimming Events
Person Or Animal In A Book, Movie Or Play
Overalls Made Of Thick Cotton Cloth, Often Blue
Indian Bat Sword Also Used As A Tool
Device Used To Open A Tin
Flight Attendants Who Look After Passengers’ Needs
nobody Wins When A Game Of Chess Ends This Way
Heretic, Non-conformist

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 186 Puzzle 5
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Us Attorney General From 2001-2005
French Revolution Motto For Parity
Quick Burst Of Plague Conditions
novice Male Monastic In Buddhism
Marked By Abundant Inventiveness Or Productivity
Refreshing Summertime Beverage Treat
Game With Bats, A Ball And Four Bases On A Field
Aquatic Animal That Lays Eggs; Looks Like A Duck
Italy’s Airline Carrier Based Out Of Rome
A Great City, A Great __
The Capital Of Saint Barthélemy