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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 187 Puzzle 1
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Wood Or Plastic Stick Used To Move A Boat
Collision Of Two Items Together; Strike
Xanthophobia Is The Fear Of The Color __
Skilled Shooter Concealed From The Enemy
Largest Of Mars’ Moons
Female Monster, Body Of A Snake, Medusa
Type Of Cheese Pulled Into Filaments
French Writer Who Took His Lobster Pet For Walks
Soft, Porous Artist’s Tool From Undersea
Autochthonous, Domestic, Endemic
Representative Of Someone Else, Interest Of
Ruthless Dictator Roman Ruler; Julius __
__ Lang, Austrian Fashion Designer
Female Islamic Spiritual Leader
Strongest Muscle In The Human Body
January Birthstone; Deep Red
Spina __, Birth Defect Prevented With Folic Acid
Deeply Angered, Openly Furious
Air __, Aerial Motorsport
Shortened Term For Situation Comedy
__ Planet, Travel Advice Website
Wide-mouthed Pipe; It Makes It Easy To Pour Liquids
Fantasy Novel By J. K. Rowling, Harry __

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 187 Puzzle 2
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Month Between September And November
French Impressionist Painter, Jules Robert __
The Chinese __ Is A Breed Of Hairless Dog
Popular Painkiller; Can Help Prevent Heart Attacks
Twenty Thousand __ Under The Sea, J. Verne’s Novel
Someone Who Writes Online Articles
Often Confused With Debt; Costs Exceed Revenue
Sidney __, First Black Oscar Winner
Symbol Li, Silver Metal Used In Batteries
It Holds The Aircraft Engine
Product For Washing The Hair
Acrophobia Is The Fear Of __
Ancient Egyptian Monarch; Ruler Of The Dynasties
A __ Arch Is A Rock Formation With An Opening
A Region In Central Italy, Florence Is Its Capital
Comparison Of Two Things
Hugo __, Considered Mexico’s Best Soccer Player
__ Is The Best Policy

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 187 Puzzle 3
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A __ Opens All Sorts Of Doors
In This Country, People Speak Lao Dialects
Picture Of A Person Usually Showing The Face
Acts Of The __, Book About Founding Of Church
Where Fliers Wait For The Fly Bar In Circus
City That’s Home To The Hagia Sophia
Like Urea, But With Sulfur Atom
This Bowl Game Was First Ever Played In 1902
They Make Rings, Bracelets And Custom Pieces
Knee-length Male Skirt, It Comes From __
Bloodsucker, Leech, Freeloader, Hanger-on
Subversion Of A Constitution, Major Crime

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 187 Puzzle 4
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“flea” Pepper Aka Chiltepins
Texas A&m Football Stadium
Bed And __
nocturnal Mammal With A Leathery Armour Shell
Champers, Shampoo
__ Square, Beijing Site Of Mao’s Mausoleum
Warhammer Is A Table Top __ Game
Arrangement Where Two Airlines Operate A Flight
Elevated, Level Area Of Land
Revolutionary French Republican Grouping
Ceres, Roman Goddess Of __, Agriculture
new __, Ezekiel’s Vision For Third Temple
He Plays Gale In The Hunger Games Movies

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 187 Puzzle 5
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Disposable Utensils Are Made Out Of This Material
Digits In The Hand
To Run A Ship Onto The Beach Or On Land
Frozen Sweetened Water, Usually Fruit Flavored
A Near Fall
Cat With Non-retractile Claws
Aircrafts Designed To Attack By Dropping Weaponry
Frayed Shorts Made From Jeans
Transition Zone, Where Tides Meet Streams
Albrecht __, Creator Of The William Tell Legend
Cradle Of Minoan Civilization
number After Fourteen
Greek Stallion With Wings
General Seating Area Of A Circus
Whole Number, Not A Fraction
Former Nba Player: Clyde The Glide __
Asthma Treatment, Reliever Or Preventer
Makes A Hard Copy Of Your Computer Documents
The Eyes Are The __ To The Soul
Cafe __ At Night, Van Gogh’s Evening Piece
Definitely Gone
Room Where The Last Supper Happened