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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 188 Puzzle 1
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Makers Of Adhesive Tape
Indonesian Sea Between Bali And Java Seas
Sandy Flat Floor Of A __; Basin That Is Dry
“volcanic” Chocolate Cake, Souffle Like
Fiat Luxury Car Named After An Arachnid
Html: Hypertext __ Language
Meryl __, One Of The Greatest Actresses In The Us
__ Flaw, Trait That Leads To Protagonist’s Downfall
Western Sahel Sword With A Tapering Tip
__ Boat Festival, China’s Double Fifth Celebration
This Fast Bird Simply Said “beep, Beep,” Road __
Livestock Food Made From Plants; Cheap Resources
__ Straw, Perfect For Hat-making
Traditional Japanese Flooring, Sitting Mat
__ Snapper Is A Large Red Fish With Huge Teeth
St Jude, Patron Saint Of Lost __
Trophies Given At The Academy Awards
Criminal __, Also Known As An Indictment

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 188 Puzzle 2
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A Partial Or Total Loss Of Memory
To Regard With Displeasure, Antipathy Or Aversion
Flavius __, First King Of Italy
A Device For Connecting Two Parts Of An Apparatus
Fat Layer Between Skin And Muscle In Whales
Who __ Not His Gutters __ His Whole House
Michael __, Ran For U.s. President In 1988
Boating Sport Requiring Understanding Of Wind
Largest River System That Flows To The Arctic
Excess __, Luggage Over The Allowed Amount
Venus, Roman __ Of Love
Hobby Of Making All Different Types Of Foods
Drinking Glass With No Stem Or Handles

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 188 Puzzle 3
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Lagoon Shared By Poland And Germany; On The Oder
Anything Relating To Ships, Sailors Or Navigation
Priests And Clergymen Study This
Tube Connecting Lungs To Throat, Trachea
Small Cabbage Looks Like Sputnik
San Jose State __ Play At Spartan Stadium
Oldest Rugby Stadium In South Africa
The Black __, Stranded On Island With Horse
Italian Last Name That Symbolizes “womanizer”

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 188 Puzzle 4
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Steel That Does Not Rust Or Corrode
Device Used In Submarines To See Above Water
Disgusting Study That Examines Vomiting
Genghis Khan’s Subdivisions Of The Mongol Empire
Longest Reigning British Monarch To Date, __ Ii
Plant, Legume; Can Be Used As Food
Related To The Organization Of Sounds In Language
Italian Car Brand With Flag And Snake On Its Badge
Theologian And Missionary, Brother Of St. Cyril
2015 Sci-fi Thriller Directed By Alex Garland
The Best Is __
Secretary Of State Under Nixon: Henry __
The Opposite Of Flat Shoes
Municipal Station Ready To Help Buildings In Flame
Despondent, Forlorn, Hopeless
A Crypt, Full Of Tombs
Personal Driver For The Wealthy
German Composer; Went Deaf In His Later Years

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 188 Puzzle 5
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Stubs Of Harvested Trees
Brass, Trumpet-like Instrument
“evil Eye” Is An Example Of This Protection
To Force Someone To Do Something
Peninsula Shared By Italy, Croatia And Slovenia
Accidental Clumsy Fall, Not Disastrous
To State That Something Is True
Space __, Portable Warmer For Enclosed Areas
Whistler’s __, Grey And Black Oil Painting
They Fear To Tread Where Fools Rush In
Woodworking Is The Skill Of __ Wooden Items
Where Your Umbilical Cord Was Attached, Belly __
Peter __, South African World Cup Stadium
Amazon’s Ereader
__ Crabs Are Small Mediterranean Crustaceans
Exclamation Of Surprise: Geez __