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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 189 Puzzle 1
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Edible Layer On Japanese Candies
Relative To King Arthur’s People
Pungent Layered Veggies; You Cry When You Chop Them
Julia Child In The Film Julie And Julia, Meryl __
Provision, Rig, Furnish
__ Al-qadr, Holiest Night For Muslims
To Trade Goods Instead Of Paying With Money
System That Warms Up The Inside Of A Car
Burns Are __ Caused By Heat Or Chemicals
The Capital Of Lebanon
Bowed Stringed Instrument Having Four Strings

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 189 Puzzle 2
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Female Deity
Extremely Stupid Or Foolish
An Allotrope Of Carbon Like The Graphite
Easily Damaged, Broken, Shattered, Flimsy, Frail
You Catch Fewer Flies With It
__ Duncan, Famous Us Dancer From 1900s
Sherman __, Real Life George Jefferson
Versatile Bean, Can Be Turned Into Imitation Meat
Estadio Monumental De __, In Venezuela
To Make Available For People To See

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 189 Puzzle 3
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Claudia __, German Supermodel
__ Park, Stadium Of Liverpool Soccer Side
End Of Christmas; The Three Kings Arrive
Sprawling, Untidy
Flattened Spaghetti Pasta Strands
Witch-hunting Us Senator Of The 1950s
Small Fish With A Horse-like Head
The __ Festival, Annual Summer Festival In Ontario
The Sting Of A __ Is The Truth Of It
__ Glycol, Compound Used In Antifreeze Formulations
Spanish Artist Famous For Painting The Farm
One After January And Three Before May
Squeaking From An Infinite Loop
Fee Paid In Advance

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 189 Puzzle 4
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Artificial Sweetener Made From Aspartic Acid
Hand-held Mixing Device Used In The Kitchen
__ Dior, French Fashion House
From December To January, Tenth Zodiac Sign
__, Stadium Of Rugby’s Central Cheetahs
__ Revolution, Portuguese “flowery” Coup Of 1975
Bibi __, Swedish Actress Of Persona
Subatomic Particles
Business Run By The Abbotts On Soap Opera Y&r
Heavy Animals; Dalí Made Them Light With Stick Legs
Savage, Rude, Uncivil, Uncultivated, Wild
A Perpendicular Descent Of A Water Stream

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 189 Puzzle 5
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It Means “the Snows” In Galician
Long Bone In Upper Arm, Shoulder To Elbow
To Do Something In Anger
__ Manet, French Realist/impressionist Painter
For __, Acorns Protect Against Lightning
__ Brite, Colorful Doll, 80s Cartoon Show
Hang __, Flying A Human Paper Airplane
Distributes, Places, Arranges
Game Where Players Build Words Moving Letters
Flat Bread, Its Wedges Are Known As Scones
“colorful” Women’s Magazine
French Department And Estuary, Bordeaux Wine Area
Blackbird That Lives On, By Herds Of Cattle
new __ Is Called “the Birthplace Of Jazz” In The Us
Medical Specialty, Study Of Urogenital Tract
United __, Worldwide Organization With 193 Members
Aba-daba Is Any __ Served At The Circus
Someone Who Owns, Manages A Bar
Frame On Which Car Body Is Mounted