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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 191 Puzzle 1
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To Add Data To A Computer Or Online
One Of The Ice Giants
Longest Measure From End To End
__ Munch, Painter Of The Scream
Barry __, Kubrick’s Irish Period Drama
Minnesota Wild Plays At Xcel __ Center
Someone Who Moves Their Body For A Living
To Move Upward, Climb To A Higher Point
__ Of Lima, Patron Of The Americas
Sage Teeth In The Back Of The Mouth
Renault Car With Picturesque Name
Tropical Fruit, Orange Flesh, Tiny Black Seeds
Item Used To Give A Shot With; Adds To A Syringe
Hat Made Of Strips Of Fabric Wound Around The Head
Atlantic African Gulf Heavy In Oil Deposits
Japanese Military Dictators
Itemized Plan For Spending Money

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 191 Puzzle 2
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Deadpan Comedian Starred In Self-titled Tv Series
Items Worn On The Eyes To Enhance Vision
A Person Who Educates Others
Bulgarian City With Millennial Old Ruins
Orange-yellow Flavoring; Food Coloring
Act Of Beating, Thrashing, Whipping
Two Hues
Standing Yoga Pose, Like A Soldier
not Man-made
Korean Tech Brand Behind The Note And Tab

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 191 Puzzle 3
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1942 Battle, The First Involving Aircraft Carriers
Talk Show Host, Jerry __
Like A Cloud; Vague Concept
Either The Martyr Or The Confessor
Spanish Travel Agency Offering Low-cost Excursions
Largest Land Mammal Hunted For Its Ivory Tusks
Cured Beef Found In Many Deli Sandwiches
Little Ones Have Big Ears
Spiky Plants Often With Purple Flowers
Holes In The Outer Layer Of Your Teeth
Pacino Film About Fictional Cuban Drug Lord
Barcelona Monument To An Explorer, On The Ramblas

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 191 Puzzle 4
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Long And Thin Green Vegetable
Of Or Relating To Tortoises Or Turtles
Woody Allen’s Movie Named After His Neighborhood
Kirby’s __, 1993 Action-platform Nes Game
Being Bewildered Aka Puzzlement
David Lynch’s Cult Series
Enormous Wwi Mine Crater On The Somme Battlefield
French Painter Of Liberty Leading The People
Science Of Surveying
Large Board Behind The Basketball Net
Encyclopaedic, User-generated Article Website
His Feast Day Is The Day After Christmas

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 191 Puzzle 5
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Light Rail Vehicle, Also Called Trams Or Trolleys
One Promised In Marriage To Someone
Changes To The Constitution
Italian Mountains, They Run Along The Nation
Serbian Secret Group That Backed A Greater Serbia
Anti-proverb Created By Dickens
Crescent-shaped French Breakfast Pastry
He/she Helps People Achieve Personal Goals
One Of America’s Top Home Improvement Retailers
Lower House Of Parliament In German Government
Areas Where “black Gold” Is Found
Flight __; Invented In Canada For Pilot Training