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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 192 Puzzle 1
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Spain’s Flag Carrier Airline
Plane Company Produced The Barracuda And Firefly
__ Base, Running Bases Sans A Hit
Sculpted Representation Of Person
A Hound And A Tec
Shape-shifting Water Seal From Scottish Folklore
Lindsay Wagner Sci-fi Series, The __ Woman
Large, Soft Bag Perfect For Sports Or Travelling
Tobacco Pipe With Multiple Flexible Tubes
Flowering Branches
Sea That Stretches From Denmark To Netherlands
Mechanical Model Of The Solar System
Violet __, Survived Three Ship Disasters In 6 Years
A __ Frise Is A Toy Breed Descended From A Poodle

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 192 Puzzle 2
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English Poet Of The Modernist Movement
Type Of Obsidian, Cracking Volcanic Glass
Device Used For Credit Card Fraud
First Comes Lightning, Then Comes __
Official Headquarters For An Ambassador
Donatella __, Italian Fashion Designer
Picture Cut Or Scratched Into A Metal Surface
Most Portrayed Horror Blood-sucking Movie Villain
Agga Maha __, Honorific Title In Theravada Buddhism
What A Wedlock Is
__ Swimming Crab Feeds On Trash
Capital Of Indonesia
Monte __, Prolonged Wwii Battle At Italian Abbey
Knowledge Of Past Events
Tree Nymphs Protect __ And Trees
Back Of The Stage, Away From The Audience

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 192 Puzzle 3
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In Architecture, Border, Edging Or Baseboard
__ Or Dorado, Fish With Long Fin From Head To Tail
This Sort Of Gate Hangs The Longest
Compiled Teachings And Sayings Of Confucius
__ Lotion Is A Treatment For Itching
Bone Structure That Supports An Organism
__ Geographic, Science Magazine Founded In 1888
Rhetorical __, You Know The Answer Already
A Comedy Writer Or Performer
Study Of Places And Their Natural Features
The Walls Of __, French Criminal Falls In Love
Wonderland Cat Whose Smile Remains
Omega-7 Fatty Acid Found In Dairy Products
Single-track Transport System, Usually Elevated
Law And Order Spinoff, __ Intent
Material In The Middle Of A Pencil
Gnomes Turn To Stone In The __
__ Stadium, Famed Turin Home Of “youth” Team
Baby Mohawk, No Shaved Sides

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 192 Puzzle 4
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Anna __, Russian Modernist Poet In The Soviet Era
Large Flat Case For Carrying Drawings, Papers
Defensive Player Between Second And Third Basemen
A __ Orange, Movie With Malcolm Mcdowell
Siliceous Sedimentary Rock, Can Crumble Into Powder
__ National Stadium, Of Se Asian Nation
Art Style, Rejected Realism During Late 19th C
Web-spinning Spider
A Person Who Directs The Route Or Course Of A Ship
Espresso Coffee Liqueur From Italy
Canada Has The World’s Largest __

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 192 Puzzle 5
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Female Folk Duo, The __ Girls
Reflective Invention Found First In 400 Bc Lebanon
Aromatic Flower Bud Used In Cooking
Opiate That Is Injected; Extremely Addictive
Committee Of Public __, French Revolutionary Group
Colloquial Rather Than Classical Latin
Musical Tones Combined Together
Point Of Orbit Where Something Is Farthest From Earth
Amidships Means The __ Section Of A Ship
not Successful; Did Not Pass An Exam
Season Opposite To Summer
Key Used To Scroll Up Computer