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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 193 Puzzle 1
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To Go To A Foreign Country
California Desert, Home To The Death Valley
Wealthy Landowner Who Later Became A Pirate
Draft Drawing To Represent Chief Features
Heavy __, Dug Deep, Changed European Agriculture
Gianluigi __, Longtime Italian Goalkeeper
Snails Can Sleep For Three __
Peter’s Epistles Were Written While He Was __
Device To Capture Photos; Most Cellphones Have It
Dealer, Usually In Expensive Fabrics
Robin Hood’s Maiden
__ Fire, Indie Rock Band Based In Montreal

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 193 Puzzle 2
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A Cheap Car In Bad Condition
Open-toe Footwear Usually Held By Straps
Leafy Vegetable, Eaten Raw Or Cooked
Female Opossums Have 13 __
Avoiding Negative Financial News, The __ Effect
Kate Middleton Is Married To Prince __
Decisive Battle Of The Chinese Civil War In 1940s
Giuseppe __, Italian Radical, Founded Young Italy
Of Poor Moral Character, Disobedient
Family Of Italian Renaissance Painters
Large Flat Pan Used To Fry Foods

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 193 Puzzle 3
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A Negative Turns Out Positive As A __ In Disguise
Marcus __, Roman Emperor, Writer Of Meditations
Brand Of Stain Fighter
Sweet Melon, Sounds Like Moist Nectar
Italian Crispy Breadsticks
Feline Anti-hero Associated With Batman
Small Metal Object Used To Remove Unwanted Hairs
Place Used For Recreation, Inside
Woven Textile Art
Traditional Culture Communicated Orally
Tomb-__ Day, A National Holiday In China

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 193 Puzzle 4
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German Candy Made Of Chocolate And Coconut Oil
Taking Action To Correct Previous Wrongdoing
Strong Carnivorous Mammal Of The Weasel Family
A Temporary Suspension Of Hostilities In A War
Boat That Travels Over Water With Underwater Wings
Famous 1969 Us Music And Art Festival
Type Of Crab
A Winter Olympic Sport
To Cleanse, Sanitize Or Kill Germs
Dorset Model Town Developed By Prince Charles
Israeli Capital Claimed By Three Religions
Field Takes Closer Look At Rocks
They Make For Wavy Nights

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 193 Puzzle 5
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Clothing Worn To Get Into The Water
To Cut, Tear; To Hurt
Country Freed From Italian Rule At Battle Of Adwa
not Yet A Sapling
__ Christmas Is Celebrated On January 7
Influential, Mighty, Potent
Substance That Is Breathed Into The Lungs
“pregunta” Means This, In Spanish
Most Obvious Star Cluster Seen On The Night Sky
Antelope With Golden Horns From Slavic Folklore
Reply Or Reaction
They Help Neurons Talk To Each Other In The Body
Picasso And Michelangelo Were __ And Much More
Body Of Water In Indonesian Maluku Islands
Open Car For Two Persons
One Shouldn’t Make A Mountain Out Of This
Grand __, Aka Gop, Conservative Us Party
To Plan Appointments At Certain Times
Disinfectant Soap
__ Interest, Interest On Top Of Interest
Tax-exempt Shopping Areas At Airports
Pictionary Is A __ Game Where You Draw The Word