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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 194 Puzzle 1
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White __, Savior Bidder Of Hostile Takeover Bid
Space Telescope That Expanded Our Universe
To Give Someone A Job, To Have Them Work For You
Sport Played On A Court With Rackets
Washington __, Author Of Rip Van Winkle
Javier __, Won An Oscar For No Country For Old Men
Cheese-filled Catalan Pastries
Renault Van Range; Sounds Like A Boss
Tool With Pointed End Used For Writing/engraving
Mislaying, Misplacing, Not Winning
Since 1917, A Virgin Mary Pilgrimage Center
Agreement Preceding Marriage
Camels Are __ Animals

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 194 Puzzle 2
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Charles __, Film Industry Icon
East Indian City Formerly Spelled Calcutta
Heavy Metal Group __ Sister
not In A Wishy-washy Way
If You Can’t Escape, Then You’re __
Someone Responsible For Counselling Others
Popular Political Club During French Revolution
The Art Of Making An Image, Not With Paint
Fine Spray Or Mist, Hair Spray, Odor Spray
Avoid A Questioner, For He Is Also A __
A Vacuum __ Keeps Carpets Clean
Status Of Peasants Under The Feudalistic System

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 194 Puzzle 3
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Garnish Of Almonds Or Romanian Dessert
Protestant Churches That Follow Calvin’s Teachings
To Steal Money From One’s Workplace
Lion-headed Warrior God Worshiped By The Meroitics
__ Holmes, Character By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Kimberly __-paisley, Actress, Wife Of Brad
Largest City In Europe, Turkey’s Cultural Capital
Done Quickly And Badly
Place De La __, Execution Site Of Louis Xvi
Officially Ranked As The “city Of Spas” In 1934
__ Expressionism, Conceptual Art Style
Call For Entire Ship’s Company
Dead Ball Restart Situation After Foul In Soccer
__ Acid, Only Acid Excreted As Gas From The Lungs
Flights To And From Places In The Same Country
In A __ = Concisely

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 194 Puzzle 4
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Sugary Garnish For Cakes, Cupcakes Or Ice-cream
Shine A Light On This Banknote Security Feature
__ System, Software Directing Computer Actions
It Means “sign Of Allah” In Arabic
Teacher In A University Or Faculty
Medical Term For Lung-related Issues
Act Of Infiltrating Somewhere To Acquire Secrets
Variety Of Grossular, Cinnamon-colored Gem
Italian Who Wrote The Decameron
Japanese City Hit By A Nuclear Weapon
Carbon __; Impression Left On The Environment
Actor Who Was Part Of The Cast Of The Snl
Large Crocodilian With Short Snout
1922 German Movie About A Vampire

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 194 Puzzle 5
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Avenue, Boulevard, Road, Highway
Green Stems Of Allium Used In Salads
Only __ Mosquitoes Bite You
not Private
William __, Superb Irish Storyteller
number 2 __ Used On Standardized Tests
Soft And Delicate; Elvis’ Song “love Me __”
__tooth, Doggy-broken Check Fabric Pattern
Hard, Mottled, White Stone Used By Sculptors
Brazilian Cocktail, Fruit Juice, National Alcohol
no Holds __, No Restraint
Wax Containing A Wick And Burned To Give Light