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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 195 Puzzle 1
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A Bigger __, Hockney Pool Painting
Breakfast Bread Cooked In Dimpled Irons
Pedal Used To Change Gears On A Vehicle
Formal Order, Judicial Order
Us Ally, Human Rights Violator, Saudi __
Dhirubhai __, Founder Of Reliance Industries
Personal Place To Keep Valuables Safe
To Quit
Owls Can __ Their Heads As Much As 270 Degrees
__ Rogers, Governor Who Ended Piracy In Nassau
Chinese-american Tech Brand Behind The Thinkpad
Stockholm Is The Capital Of The Kingdom Of __

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 195 Puzzle 2
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Island Nation By Greenland, Capital Is Reykjavik
A __ Squid Has Webbed Legs And Light-emitting Spots
Election Decides Democrat, Republican Candidates
Crusading King Of France, Who Was Later Sainted
Historical Czech Land, State Of Holy Roman Empire
These Funds Invest In “dead” Companies
Will __, Merry Men’s Skilled Swordsman
Frugal With Money
Dewey’s Pre Internet Book Categorizing System
Club Mate, Rum And Limes In This German Drink

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 195 Puzzle 3
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Official Language Of Indian Assam State
An Imp Is A Goblin Creature In English __
Professional Who Designs Structures And Systems
Vegetable Laid By Chickens
A Kind Of Man Who Will Clutch At A Straw
1978 Triple Crown Winner, He Beat Alydar
Little Girl Hairstyle, Hair Divided In Two
A Place Where You Can Take A Shower
__ Sulfoxide, Colorless Liquid, Solvent
Typically Blue Gemstone That Is A Mineral Corundum
Queen Elizabeth’s Only Sister
One Of Four Jewish Holy Cities, Sea Of Galilee
Mall Activity
Conical Hat Students Were Made To Wear
__ Carriers Allow Planes To Take Off In The Ocean

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 195 Puzzle 4
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Air Transport Agreement For International Flights
Anna Karenina For Her Occupation
Magnesium-rich Chamosite
Type Of Park With Rides And Games
Military Dictatorship In Japanese History
This Chair Helps You Stand Up
“colonel” Who Managed Elvis Presley’s Career
End Of Year Sweet Bread Loaf
Patron Saint Of France Burned At The Stake
Bones That Make Up The Spinal Column
Separating Liquids From Solids
The Daughter On “all In The Family”: Sally __
Bast, Egyptian Protection Goddess, __ Of Bubastis

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 195 Puzzle 5
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Large Belgian Coastal City And Port
To Have The Ability To Pick One Of Two Things
Duplicate Version, In Case Of Damage
The Reverend Mother Superior, Eastern Orthodox
Iranian Flour Bread Cooked In Clay Oven
__ Baiul, Ukranian Won 94 Olympic Gold
Element That Combines With Hydrogen And Oxygen
Female Sibling
Object-tossing Party Game, Hot __
The __ Sea Snail Is Purple, Lives In The Tropic
“whitened” Filipino Sword, Guava Wood Handle
__ Bonnard, French Artist