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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 196 Puzzle 1
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Highly Prominent Khatri Surname Found In India
Mr __, Oscar-winner For Luxembourgish Short Film
__ Jack, A Game Fish, Same Family As Yellowtail
Stick This Spice In Oranges At Christmas’ Time
“about” Means To __ Course Of The Ship By Tacking
Scullions Did This Sort Of Task
Feminine Courtesy Title
French High-end Brand; No. 5
Central European River, Flows Through Bratislava
One Rotten Apple Spoils The Whole __
Religious Texts In Jainism
Kelly Clarkson’s First Single: A __ Like This
Borg __stadium, Africa’s Second Largest
Islamic Steward, Successor Of Muhammad
__ Virgins, In Ancient Rome, Priestesses Of Vesta
Scarcely, Only Barely, Little Likelihood
Jorge Luis __, Famous Argentine Short-story Writer
Italian-style Ice Cream
Grandiose, Powerful, All __
__ Crater, In The Phaethontis Quadrangle Of Mars
Something Adding A Zestful Flavor; A Condiment

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 196 Puzzle 2
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Fear Of Wasps Is __phobia
Princess Taken By Achilles As A War Prize
This Character Greatly Underestimated David
A Chewy Anagram Of Pinchas
__ Brooks Are Noisy.
Estates __, French Political System Pre-1789
Reaches, Accomplishes, Achieves Goals
Country In Southern Africa, Capital Is Windhoek
To Keep Your Teeth From Getting Damaged
Opposite Of Western
Vessel Formerly Used In Distilling
Spurge Plant With Starchy Root, Tropical

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 196 Puzzle 3
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Author Of Interview With A Vampire
Upholstered Seat, Leans Back
Confection Of Ice Cream, Espresso And Cream
The __ Has Twice The Bathrooms It Needs
Unscrupulous Seizers
Patron Of Scotland, His Feast Day Is November 30
Prosperous Qing Emperor, Grandson Of Kangxi
The Ling Is A Long Thin Fish From The North __
Miami Heat Plays At The American __ Arena
One Hot Pepper
Gulf Space Across Banks, Victoria Islands
Titanic Is A Romance __ Film From 1997
Unit That Equals One Million Gigabytes

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 196 Puzzle 4
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Very Dangerous Dog’s Parasite
Stage Of Development Before Birth Or Hatching
Strings Of Italian Pasta, With Bolognese Sauce
Bullock Won An Oscar For This Feel Good Movie
Traders, Storekeepers, Business Dealers
Another Name For The Prime Minister Of Ireland
Traditional Children’s Song Of English Origin
Your Head Won’t Stay Wet After You Use This
Battlestar __, Popular Science Fiction Series
Early Video Game System, __ 64
Dental Replacements Discovered In Etruria 750 Bce
First Novel Written On A Typewriter
Where The Ocean Meets The Land
Iconic Film Studios In Rome
A Fighting Sport

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 196 Puzzle 5
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To Be Given A Prize
Red Sauce Made Of Tomatoes, Used On Foods
Types Of Crustaceans With Hard Exoskeletons
Female Patron Of Young Girls And Chastity
__ Speak Louder Than Words
These Glands Produce A Baby’s First Meal
Calligraphy Is An Elegant Way Of __
King Of The Gods In Roman Mythology
Grandstand, The __ Area Facing The Circus Center
Charge Incurred On A Business Trip
Plants That Eat Insects, Venus __
Italian Tire Makers, With Red And Yellow Logo
Title Of The King Of France’s Eldest Son
nazi Secret Police Force Founded By Hermann Göring