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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 197 Puzzle 1
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To Get Something With Effort
__ Aba, Third King Of Hungary From 1041 To 1044
Dave __, Actor, Younger Brother Of James
Winter Sport, Not Snowboarding
__ Fox Was The Nickname Given To Erwin Rommel
Coffee-flavored Liqueur
Unlawful Killing Of Another Human
While George Harrison’s __ Gently Weeps
Holds Baby At Brit Milah Ceremony
Son Of Genghis Khan, His Successor As Great Khan
Walt __ Was Scared Of Mice

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 197 Puzzle 2
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Placed On The Side By The Axis, Stem
Paris __, The City’s Government, 1789 To 1795
Cotton-like, Fluffy Clouds
It Holds The Guts
Louis __, 1st Pilot To Cross The English Channel
Interpretation, Rendition, Account
The __ Of Dorian Gray, By Oscar Wilde
Suitable Arrangement Of Parts, Colors Or Sounds
It Cannot Change Its Spots
Personal Adornment, Mostly Worn By Women
To Turn A Liquid Into A Substance Resembling Jelly
Country In North Africa, Capital Is Rabat
Creature With The Head Of An Eagle, Body Of A Lion
netted Holes On A Pool Table
90s Star Trek Tv Series, Nasa Space Program
Birth Surname Of Pope John Paul Ii
Insulin Device From Eli Lilly
Appliance With Slots To Cook Your Bread

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 197 Puzzle 3
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Indian Leader Worked With British In War Of 1812
Document Giving Permission To Leave A Country
A Small Cooking Measurement, Not A Table
Astrological Sign, Arachnid With Stinger
Method Called Pot Roasting When Using Meats
Hot Tubs
Ocean Divides The Americas From Europe
Small, Drop-shaped Edible Seeds Of A Cone Tree
Long Sled Made Of Wood Slats
Those Who Enter To Conquest Or Plunder
It Never Did Anyone Any Good
Berlin Hauptbahnhof Is A Famous German __ Station
Waifish British Supermodel And Rimmel London Face
__ Biking, Extreme Sport Performed In Nature
Cleric Of Secular Institution, Prison Or Hospital
Epic Poetry Muse, Musical Instrument At Circus
Archduke Whose Assassination Triggered Wwi

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 197 Puzzle 4
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Buckwheat-based Bread From Slovenia
Yes, This Is The Study Of Bird’s Nests
Mimicry Of Someone Or Something
Spiny __ Are Poisonous And Ray-finned
Large Garrison Town In Lower Saxony, Nw Germany
First To Make Mainland America Landfall In 1497
Some Suggest Not To Ask Too Many Of These
Common European Sword With Cruciform Hilt
nasa Rover That Is Conducting A Mission On Mars
Michael Jackson And Paul Mccartney Duet
Christian __, Shoe Designer Known For Red Soles
Eldest Of The Brontë Sisters
Bearing Is The __ Between Two Objects
Tibetan Buddhist Tenzin Gyatso Is The 14th __
Lotion Protects Against Ultra Violet Rays
Oceans Are Filled With This Type Of Liquid Body
First-class, Bonny, Superb, Outstanding
Wassily __, Russian Abstract Artist

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 197 Puzzle 5
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Sony Brand Of Smartphones And Tablets From 2012
Boga Is Known As Piapara In __
__ Belly Is A Storage Box Under A Wagon In Circus
Still Life Fruit Painted By Cézanne
A Small Church
Written Record Of Job History, Used To Apply
Medical Personnel Wear Them
Reflexive Pronoun, First Person Singular
Public House
Bogotá Claims To Grow Some Of The Best
Carpal __ Syndrome Is In The Hand And Wrist
Gianni __, Italy’s “golden Boy”, 1960s And 1970s
Time You Are Supposed To Come Home
Spanish City, Three Cultures: Christian, Arab, Jew
The Floor Of A Fireplace
To Agree Upon, Close Out An Account
__ Sulfate, White Crystals Used In Paint Pigments