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CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 198 Puzzle 1
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To Cause To Stop Sleeping
Kidney-shaped Drupe; Tasty Nut Treat
Italian County With No Coastline Or Country Border
Two Businesses Coming Together As One
Churchill’s __, Wwii Propaganda Made In Canada
The Fourth __ Or Power, Today “the Press”
The Act Of Recalling What Has Been Learned
Codified The Three Laws Of Robotics
Small, Docile Hound With A Great Sense Of Smell
Burning The __ At Both Ends
Another Name For A Violin
Greeks And Romans Lounged And Dined While On Them
Michel__, Sistine Chapel Painter
To Hear More Than You Want To Hear: Get An __
Fc __ Munich, Successful Bavarian Football Club
Descendant Of Muhammad Through Daughter Fatima
Percussion Instrument, Produces Sound When Shaken
The Opposite Of Male
Piercing, Typically In The Center Of The Lower Lip
Badger-like Yokai From Japanese Mythology

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 198 Puzzle 2
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Study Of Medical Remedies
To Finally Find A Wanted Person
Xavi And __, Barça And Spain Soccer Duo
Terror Of Asians, Genghis Khan’s People
The Dalmatian Is Known For Its __ Coat
Sweet Roulade, Christmas Dessert Looks Like Wood
Author Of The Chronicles Of Narnia
The Torah Is The Book Of This Religion
nottingham Official, Robin Hood’s Nemesis
Province In Western China Famous For Food
Woman With A __, Monet’s Sun Umbrella
__ To War, First Of Capra’s Propaganda Films
Low-cost Spanish Airline, Merged With Clickair

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 198 Puzzle 3
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Tooth __ Is Used To Make Your Smile Shine
Father Of The Theory Of Relativity
Every Horse Thinks Its Own Pack __
These Blood Vessels Carry Blood Away From Heart
Field Focuses On Mummies
Aker, __ Earth God Of The Horizon
Spanish Dance With Clapping And Stamping
Moon Of Saturn Identified By Its Chaotic Rotation
White Wine And Carbonated Water Chilled Drink
The Lady From __, Movie With Rita Hayworth
Martha’s __, Vacation Place Of The Kennedys
Plan Of Procedure, Series Of Planned Events
Emotions Through Different Elements, __ Art
A Rooster Not Yet One Year Old
Song Recorded By The Beatles
Private Path Connecting The Street To A House
The Legislative Capital Of South Africa
Lothar __, Captain Of 1990 German Wc Winning Team

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 198 Puzzle 4
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Direct Competitor Of Atari 2600 In The Late 1970s
Conflagration Such As Visited On Dresden In 1945
Tube Used To Swallow Food
Study Of Origins Of Races Or Peoples
__ Goya, Spanish Romantic Painter
Bottom Round Cut Cooked In Crock Pot
Term For When All The Children Have Moved Out
The Study Of Space And The Universe
Has More Money
Swiss Mountain, Second-highest In The Alps
Founder Of Friars Preachers, Patron Of Astronomers
__: The Golden Age, Sequel To The 1998 Film
He/she Is Worth Twenty Pressed Men
Instrument That Must Be Played With The Mouth
Firefighter 101 Spotted Helper
Counterattack With Numerical Advantage
Strong Item To Keep Someone Out
no Syllable In The Last Line Of A Verse
Uk Housebuilders Who Sound Like An Exotic Fruit

CodyCross Ancient Egypt Group 198 Puzzle 5
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The __ Hydroid Is In The Family Of Fire Corals
German Sweet Roll Filled With Powidl Jam
__ Cardinal Play At Stanford Stadium
Financial Institute’s Promise, 7th Century China
Sudden Attack Into Hostile Territory
Anything Pertaining To The Bones
Miracle Of __, Servant Art By Tintoretto
Related To The Father And/or Mother
Violet Quartz, Used As Decoration Or Jewelry
British Actor Who Played Kenobi In Star Wars
Cartoons Are __ Movies Or Shows