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CodyCross Circus Group 81 Puzzle 1
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Ingrid __, Actress Of Casablanca
Deep Green Stone; May’s Birthstone
Ccr’s Fogerty Was Not The Son Of This Politician
Mixture Of Grains, Nuts And Fruits
Hang __, Human Kite Flying
Theodore Dreiser Novel, An American __
Anoxia Is The __ Of Oxygen In The Body
Larry The __ Is The Beach King On Spongebob
Microstate In Europe Between Spain And France
Having Put Fears, Suspicions, Anger To Rest, Calmed

CodyCross Circus Group 81 Puzzle 2
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A Device For Timing The Boiling Of An Egg
A Conclusive Argument
A Water Chute Ride At An Amusement Park
Surgical Removal Of Body Tissue
Shape Cut Out Of Hard Material
Icon Used As A Facial Expression
Tainted Love Band
Unexpected Phonecall Or Visit By A Salesman
Us Version Of This Holed Cheese Is Called Swiss
Book With Photos And Stories, Printed Monthly
Conical Headgear Worn At Birthday Celebrations
Building In A Funfair Made To Startle Or Amuse

CodyCross Circus Group 81 Puzzle 3
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Price Paid To Get Into A Circus, Fair
Precedent Based Legal System Of Us, Uk
Loose One-piece Work Garment To Go Over Clothes
Veteran Interviewer That Had A Longtime Cnn Show
She Takes You To Your Seat In The Theatre
Intense Wistful Longing
Desires Are __ By Delays
Tissue Or Organ Transplant, Medical Term
new Orleans Pre Lent Festivities
Book That Hitler Penned While In Prison
Caracas Is The Capital Of __
Dark Azure Edible Fruit

CodyCross Circus Group 81 Puzzle 4
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Cartoon Centered Around The Last Of The Airbenders
Language Of Particular Profession Or Group
Sabre-toothed Tiger From The Plains Of Africa
Orchestra Staple; A Classical Music Must
Allocate Tasks, Lessons, Homework
__ And Ladders, Aka Snakes And Ladders
Happening In A Quick Manner, Well-timed
What You Hit When You Want To Sleep Longer
Outline, Plan For A Meeting, To Be Voted On
David __, Magician And Endurance Artist
Dutch Port And Colony In Brazil
Australian __ Dogs Were Bred For Herding Cows

CodyCross Circus Group 81 Puzzle 5
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A Green Wicked Witch In An Acclaimed Musical
Someone Who Has Lost A Limb To Amputation
Oldest And Popular Breed Of Exotic Cat
Fred __, Dancing Partner Of Ginger Rogers
To Leave, Desert, Forsake, Give Up
Titanic Sister Ships: Brittanic And __
Containing Two Or More Metals, Past Tense
Clothing, Garments, Attire, Outerwear
Country In Persian Gulf, Capital Is Manama
High-end Cuisine
Chris Evans, Captain __ Actor
Ruby __, Song Recorded By The Rolling Stones