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CodyCross Circus Group 82 Puzzle 1
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The Loch Ness Monster Lives In A __ Lake
__ Man, White, Puffy Spokesman For A Tire Brand
Andy Samberg Stars In __ Nine-nine
__ Nose, Also Called A Roman Nose
Act Of Tossing Objects In A Synchronized Manner
2015 Ryan Reynolds Scifi Movie
Battle Won By Alexander, The Great In The Punjab
Large Pot For Making Stew Over Open Fires
Most __ Contains Fish Scales
Kind Hearts Are More Than __
Easily Deceived
Laboratories Also Do This Besides Testing
Land Of Lincoln, Obama’s Adopted State
Othello’s Motive For Killing His Love

CodyCross Circus Group 82 Puzzle 2
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Boy Who Refuses To Grow Created By J.m. Barrie
Fiber Crop That Is Extremely Healthy
Cobras Are A Breed Of __ Snakes With Hoods
Agreement Between Two Parties
Bangkok Is The Capital Of __
Outdoor Slipper Made Of Soft Leather
Former Governor Of Texas, Ann __
Period Of Grief Following Loss Of Loved One
Joe __, Guitar Player, Teacher Of The Stars
A Summer Olympic Sport
Somebody Who Is Wildly Irresponsible
Transfer Something To Your Computer
Canola Oil Comes From This Plant

CodyCross Circus Group 82 Puzzle 3
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Suitcases And Bags You Check In At The Airport
Role Of A Naive Young Woman
Ozzie And __, Post Wwii Sitcom Started On Radio
Part Of The Body Between Chest And Pelvis
Carnivores Are __ That Eat Only Meat
Michael __, Actor, Married Catherine Zeta-jones
Struck Idiophone Operated By A Keyboard
Said To Be The Stepping-stone To Success
__ Bank, In The Us The Federal Reserve
This Southern State Has An Official Coke Day
Plane Returning To The Ground
__ Up, Don’t Take Things So Seriously
To Go Somewhere Without Worrying About The Risks

CodyCross Circus Group 82 Puzzle 4
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Pitch Interval, There Are Eight Of Them
__ Mara, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Actress
Chest Pain, Like Pressure Or Squeezing
Ceremonial Blade Used In Wicca Religion
Candy Made By Caramelizing Sugar Or Molasses
Painting On Wet Plaster
Severe Enforcement Of Rules, Requirements
Latin Term For Festival Or Celebration
__ Combined, Includes Ski Jumping, Cross Country
It’s Got Nine Identical Sides
Opposite Of Days
name Of Jill’s Housekeeper On Soap Opera Y&r
Capital Of Greece
The __ Triggerfish Is Also Known As Picasso

CodyCross Circus Group 82 Puzzle 5
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A Kind Of Nut That Combines With Chocolate
Alvin And The __
Someone Who Takes Care Of Other People
Someone Who Attends A Lot Of Social Events
Movie With Cary Grant And Sophia Loren
Defined By A Concern With Beauty Or Good Taste
Shape With 4 Right Angles, But Not 4 Equal Sides
Fish With Long, Needle Teeth, Huge Fish
Part Of Stage Towards The Audience
__ Family, Tv Series Starring Shirley Jones