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CodyCross Circus Group 83 Puzzle 1
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Book __, Someone Hostile To Books, Learning
Skeet __ Is The Act Of Firing Bullets At Discs
Kuala Lumpur Is The Capital Of
Reduction On A Price
Mudbugs, Or __, Are Freshwater Lobsters
Paul __, Big Fat Liar Actor
To Make More Attractive By Adding Extra Items
A Woman’s Tight Undergarment
Starvation Disorder Caused By Body Image Issues
__ Oblige
Widespread Loss Of Electricity In Urban Area
John Robinson Means To __ A Circus Performance
This Laughing Candy Will Satisfy Your Hunger
The __, Reality Show Of True Love And Roses
Profession Of Rachael Ray’s Husband, John

CodyCross Circus Group 83 Puzzle 2
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Juandissimo __ Is A Fairy On Fairly Odd Parents
not Allowed To Go About The House
Inflammation Of Artery Walls
Used To Serve Food And Display Or Store Dishes
Allows Soldiers To Drop Into War Zones
Utsa Roadrunners Play At The __ In Tx
__ My Pain With His Fingers
Aristotle Was A Greek Philosopher And __
Art Of Cutting Something Into Different Surfaces
Cable On Which Acrobats Walk
Stories Read To Young Children At Bedtime
Au __, Fancier Way To Say On The Contrary
The __ Before Christmas Was Released In 1993

CodyCross Circus Group 83 Puzzle 3
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In Codenames, You Try To Find Secret __ Names
Metal Utensil Usually Used To Shred Cheese
To Win In A Battle, Complete __ Of The Enemy
Portable Personal Computer Aka Notebook
Loss Of Muscle Coordination, Usually In Arms, Legs
Otters, Playful Mammals With __ Feet
Reit, Real __ Investment Trust, Mutual Fund Type
Paul __, “villain” As The Voice Of Man In Bambi
Rubber Ring Seals Junctions In Car Engine
Inventor Of The Electric Razor: Jacob __
Mass Departure; Genesis
Man Who Herds Cattle, Lives On A Ranch
Commonly Referred To As Nipple On Humans
Sport Played By Roger Federer
Light Coat Worn On Upper Body When It’s Cool
Capital Of Poland
Temporary Worker Looking For Experience
Italian Word For Ice Cream
__ Brown, Was Publicly Criticized By Dan Quayle

CodyCross Circus Group 83 Puzzle 4
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Agricultural Soils Studied In This Field
This Irish Beer Gave Name To A Record Book
A Chemical Element Listed On The Periodic Table
__!, Film Based On A Musical Named After A State
Held To The Bottom Of The Sea
Large Wall That Separates Compartments In A Ship
All My __, American Soap Opera Cancelled In 2011
The Whole Kit And __
Individual Bobsled Event With Small Sled
Someone Who Works In Marketing
British Model Once Involved In A Drug Scandal
Often Removed Along With Tonsils

CodyCross Circus Group 83 Puzzle 5
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World’s Busiest Airport In Passenger Traffic
Homer __ Loves Donuts And Beer
Do Not Kick __ The Pricks
Hot, Dry Calgary Wind
Morgan __, Financial Company
__ And Isolde, A Wagner Opera
Large Worn Rock, Detached From The Earth
Molded Italian Ice Cream With Layers
An Apparatus In Which Nuclear Fission Is Made
Moe’s Hairstyle, Round Shaped
Dental __, Liquid Metal Filling For Cavities
This Fish Is Used To Make Imitation Crab Meat
Became Notorious For “breaking Up A Band”
__ Riders, Civil Rights Activists In Us South
Person In Charge Of A Department