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CodyCross Circus Group 84 Puzzle 1
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The Capital Of United Arab Emirates
Maradona And __, Argentine Soccer Duo
To Look At Or Think With Smug Or Malicious Intent
A Bed Bug Is A __ That Feeds On Blood
noted African American Contralto, Marian __
The Ones Who Flip And Fly In The Air For Show
Canon Law Written In The Medieval Ages
Bounty Hunter That Caught Han Solo In Star Wars
A Person Who Looks After Livestock
American __, Friends Enjoy One Last Night
Plant From Sunflower Family, Used As A Herb
Twelve O’clock

CodyCross Circus Group 84 Puzzle 2
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In Art, An Object Associated With A Saint Or God
Unorthodox Way Of Spreading News
__ Four, 2015 Movie Reboot
The __, Tv Show Following Two Kgb Agents
Theater Lighting, Center Of Attention
First Novel Written On A Typewriter
Famed As The Rock And Roll Capital Of The World
Thunder And __
1918 Epidemic That Spread To The U.s.
Gelatinous Sea Creature; It Might Sting

CodyCross Circus Group 84 Puzzle 3
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Harsh Words, Such As A Physically __ Relationship
Gears Of War Is A Science __ Video Game
Suffer Serious Pain, Anguish, Torture
One Of The Stories Of A Thousand And One Nights
Giant Ice Planet In Our Solar System
He Typically Rules Over More Than One Nation
Samuel __, Wealthiest Pirate In Recorded History
Kid Between Ages 10 And 13
Proudest Of Birds
Orange-yellow Colored Fruit, Like A Peach
It Begins At Home
Don’t Pull __, Don’t Hold Back
Ornamental Shoulder Piece On Military Uniforms
Lady Gaga Song, A Million __

CodyCross Circus Group 84 Puzzle 4
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Seat Car Model Named After A Palace In Granada
Hollywood Film Director With Italian Ascendance
Children Watch These
Two Books Of Corinthians Are Paul’s __
Home Grounds For Russian National Team
__ Island, Salad Dressing; Big Mac Sauce
not Paid For His Services
__ Plays Mayor West In Family Guy
Chart With The Days, Weeks, And Months Of A Year
These Cells Deliver Oxygen To The Body
Don’t Wake Daddy, Game About __ To The Kitchen
Ear __ Is Done So Jewelry Is Wearable

CodyCross Circus Group 84 Puzzle 5
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Chimpanzees Are Humans Closest __
Waterway Connected Atlantic With Great Lakes
Worn Under Clothing To Hide Valuables In Circus
Small Vehicle With Large Tires For Driving On Sand
Comedy About A Singer Who Pretends To Be A Nun
Set Up Something, Usually A Town
Electrolysis Is __ Hair And Root Removal
Lots Of Houses Have This To Keep Warm During Winter
Goddess Of Beauty In Greek Mythology