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CodyCross Circus Group 85 Puzzle 1
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Practice Adopted By Europeans In Their Colonies
Type Of Zoo Designed For Young Children
The __, Most Oscar Nominated Film In 2005
__ Keepers, Losers Weepers
Organ That Produces A New Layer Every 2 Weeks
Islands In Caribbean, Capital Is Nassau
Hollywood __, Disney’s Movie Theme Park
__ Pryor, Controversial Comedian, Social Critic
To Struggle In Opposition Of Something, Someone
Bare __, Gloveless Boxing, Will Leave Scars

CodyCross Circus Group 85 Puzzle 2
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Person Licensed To Make Eyeglasses In U.s.
Cassatt Painted Under The Horse __ Tree
A Superordinate Word
Large Rock That Orbits The Sun, __ Belt
Popular Amusement Park Chain With Banners
Famous Tile Word Game
Small Cloth Worn Around The Neck Or Head
__ Fan Is A Cone Shaped Sediment Deposit
Altitude __ Is Caused From High Altitudes
Type Of Ancient Weapon, Shoots Bolts Or Quarrels
Very Thin Layer Of Tissue Covering A Surface
A Plant Louse
__ & Tiaras, Reality Show About Kids Beauty Pageant
Amanda __, Actress In Mamma Mia!

CodyCross Circus Group 85 Puzzle 3
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Country Colonized By The Portuguese In S. America
To Steal Cargo From A Ship
A Paper Size
__ Plow, Implement With Large Hooks, Deep Tillage
__ Games Are On Demand Games
City’s Football Team Lives In The Dawg Pound
__ Scissorhands Starred Johnny Depp
Mexican Beer Often Spiked With A Lime Wedge
All __ Day, Post-halloween Holiday Aka All Hallows
A Professional Clown, Joker, In Medieval Courts
Food Can Only Be Tasted With This
__ Horns Have A Long Coiled Tube And Big Bell
Unidentified __ Object, Aka Ufo
Stereotype, Overused Phrase, Expression
Kitchen Scissors Typically Used On Poultry
__ Arrangements Is Art With Flowers
Condition Of Someone’s Body Or Mind
A __ Machine Binds Fabrics Together
__ Higgenbottom Is The Mighty B
Hair Style With “party In The Back”
4th Largest Asteroid In The Solar System

CodyCross Circus Group 85 Puzzle 4
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South German Car-making City On The River Neckar
President Who Called Monticello Home
Bartender, Sam Malone, Dr. John Becker Actor
__ Deficit And Hyperactivity Disorder
One Who Delivers Items Or Goes On An Errand
Whapuku, Or __: Large Prized Fish From Australia
They Obstruct Progress; Hurdles
Communal Dwelling Of North American Indians
Game In Which Participants Shoot Capsules Of Paint
Shapeshifters Can Physically __ Into Another Form
Being The Same As Something Else

CodyCross Circus Group 85 Puzzle 5
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One Who Fights For And Promotes Engaged Citizenry
One Half Of Ss Minnow Crew
Introduction To The Declaration Of Independence
Hattie __, 1st African-american To Win An Oscar
Baby Duck
not For The General Public; Meant For A Select Few
Country That Introduced $100 Billion Note In 2008
Activated __ Is Used To Absorb Swallowed Poison
Anyone Can Do Without Them
An Art Piece Done With Pigments And Colors
Bowling Slang For Four Strikes In A Row
Advocate Of A Strict Moral Code
__ Evil, Playstation’s Survival Horror Videogame