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CodyCross Circus Group 86 Puzzle 1
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Digital __, Revolutionized Photography, No Film
Veterans __, Aka Va In Charge Of Post War Care
The Heaviest Element On The Periodic Table
__ Under, Hbo Series About A Morgue And Family
Performer, Walks On Wires, Swings Above Crowd
Classic Kids’ Game Involving Transparent Balls
Pufferfish __ Into Balloons When Threatened
Cigar Flat At Both Ends
__ And Sullivan, Opera Composers
When One Thing Partially Covers Another
One Of The Planets Of The Solar System
Southernmost City In The World In Argentina
Muscular Organ That Is Part Of The Urinary System
Slang For Crazy, Mad, Insane
Group Of People With A Common Interest

CodyCross Circus Group 86 Puzzle 2
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novak __, Serbian Tennis Player
Dinosaur Is A Live-action/__ Animated Disney Film
__ Is Played On A Checkered Board With Two Players
Converts Direct Current Into Alternating Currents
Diego Rivera’s Famous Painting, __ Leader Zapata
Tags Your Reading Place, Saves Sites On Browsers
Light Azure Hue Associated With Newborns
Table Corals Are A Type Of Reef-__ Corals
One Story Cottage, Gabled Roof
Large Celebration; Organized Event
Modern Word For A Close Male Friendship
Blue Moon Of __, Recorded By Elvis Presley

CodyCross Circus Group 86 Puzzle 3
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To Travel To A Foreign Country
The Act Of Moving Passing Through The Air
Sean Mc__, Actor, Director, Producer
Virus Protection Software Owned By Intel
You Can Find These In Catacombs
Unwavering Poise, Assurance, Position
Funnel-shaped Item For Storing Grain Or Coal
Distress Caused By Loss, Heartache, Misery
A Beautiful Fragrant Bloom From A Plant Or Tree
__ Dent, From The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
__ Seizure Means Losing Strength, Drop Seizure
In Football, The Kind Of Player Who Kills A Play
__ Toast, Breakfast Dish, Bread Coated With Eggs
Misery And American __ Story Actress, Kathy Bates
Tissue That Is Used To Make Your Body Move
Greyhounds Are Mainly Known For __ At Dog Tracks
Ethnic Cleansing
Raingear Inspired By Peruvian Clothing
Quantity Of An Item, Usually Large
Claustrophobia Is A Fear Of __ Spaces

CodyCross Circus Group 86 Puzzle 4
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The Head Of A Convent Of Nuns
An Irish __ Is A Dog Breed With A Dark Red Coat
Something That Can Be Eaten, Food
Snowman With Corncob Pipe And Button Nose
Temporary Storage For Holding Data Until Ready
Purple Dinosaur With Catchy Tune
Small Land Surrounded By Water
Branch Of The Us Military; Relating To The Sea
In Actuality, Genuinely, Truly
Building Doll__ Is A Time Consuming Hobby

CodyCross Circus Group 86 Puzzle 5
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Easy To Make Rice Brand
Alcohol __, Much More Serious Than Being Drunk
Someone Who Entertains, Performs
Shelled Pest Has High Radiation Resistance
Pride Of The Royal Navy In Pirates Of The Caribbean
Something That Shouldn’t Be Discussed About Tastes
not Natural Or Spontaneous
Maria __, Russian Tennis Player
Rock Band Called The Bad Boys From Boston
__ Gorgeous, Villain On Jimmy Neutron
Taking Someone Else’s Blame
Circus March Tunes Played Really Loudly