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CodyCross Circus Group 87 Puzzle 1
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Small Bulb That Resembles An Onion
Ancient Monotheistic Religion From The Middle East
Pardon For Offenses Against A Country
name Of A Traditional Light Bulb
City In California That Hosts Disneyland
Charged With A Crime, Offense
Small, Sharp Blade Used For Surgeries
French For Good Morning
Ruth __ Created Chief Inspector Wexford
Sudden Rupture Of A Car Tire
This President’s Birthday Is A Holiday
Winter Event Of 2 Or 4 People Teams
Screamride Is A Roller __ Sim Builder
World’ Largest Employer, Retailer Started Small
not A War Horse Or A Pack Horse

CodyCross Circus Group 87 Puzzle 2
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A Landed Freeman Who Is Not A Knight
Chemical That Kills Plants, Herbs, Weeds
This Includes All Jams And Jellies
Game Played With A Long Stick And Balls On A Table
Dances Using The Tip Of Her Toes
Type Of American Roots Music
The Capital Of Tennessee
A Colorful Flying Insect
Handy If You Have To Open A Bottle Of Wine
Rich Bad Guy Of Water Department In Chinatown
Coin Collecting Can Be An __ Hobby
Squatter Is The Most Successful Game In __

CodyCross Circus Group 87 Puzzle 3
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Matters To Be Attended To, Business, Concerns
Encampment Of Tents Without Protection
Crisp, Sharp Noises
Goalposts In Football Are __ Off The Ground
Vegetable With Green Or Purple Leaves
Valet __, A Benefit To Have In Crowded Cities
Tube That Transports Fluids To Outside Of The Body
__ Twice, Cut Once
__: A Space Adventure 2005
Architect And Engineer From Ancient Egypt
Carl __ Is Jimmy Neutron’s Best Friend
__ Man, Temporary Community Erected In Nevada

CodyCross Circus Group 87 Puzzle 4
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To Gain Possession Of, Gain Through Effort
Rating Of How Likely Someone Is To Pay
Foaming While Boiling
Used To Pound Nails
This Person Has The Final Say At A Newspaper
Utensil Usually Comes In Salt, Pepper Combo
Author Of Rip Van __ Suffered From Insomnia
Formal Name For The White Crown Of Upper Egypt
Kevin __, Frank Underwood In House Of Cards
__ In Small Plays Is A Hobby People Enjoy
The Valley Where The Dead Sea Scrolls Were Found
Cover For The Center Of A Car’s Wheel
Trouble Is A Game Of Moving Pieces __ A Board
Most Eligible Trio Of Brothers In 1990s
Anagram Of Master
Bread That Has Used Yeast Or Fermentation

CodyCross Circus Group 87 Puzzle 5
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Life Is __, Roberto Benigni’s Oscar Winner Movie
Fish Known For Angelic Fins, Stripes, And Movements
A Person Who Works Backstage In Theatres
Work Song On Large Merchant Vessels
Urban Land Set Aside To Not Be Developed
Standstill, Deadlock
Persian Creature Part Lion Part Human
This Channel Host’s Shark Week
Couch Invented This Type Of Drill In 1848
Everything Must Have A __
Sleep Apnea Causes Pauses In __