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CodyCross Circus Group 88 Puzzle 1
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Mexican Tv Stereotype On The Simpsons
__ Western, A Film Genre
Unit Of Length In Space
Take A __, Baseball Game Reference; A Redo
Jack __, Starred One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Former City Of The Indianapolis Colts
neolithic Stone Settlement In Scotland
They Are Prescribed
Cosmetic Used To Mask Skin Imperfections
Revert To Old Habits
Lucky Talisman, Tossing Game With “ringers”

CodyCross Circus Group 88 Puzzle 2
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Long-necked Onion With A Small Bulb
Space __, Disney’s Futuristic Indoor Coaster
Someone You Don’t Know
Pittsburgh __ Play Football At Heinz Field
Abandonware Are Old Games Free To __
Immune Protein In The Body To Fight Disease
Small, Striped Fish That Swim In Schools
Climb The Phoenician Steps To Get There
__ Cruz, Spanish Actress And Oscar Winner
The Central Concept Of This Religion Is Dukkha
Gymnastics That Includes Ballet And Dance

CodyCross Circus Group 88 Puzzle 3
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Hmo, __ Maintenance Organization
Type Of Performance Dance, Nutcracker
The Capital Of Argentina, __ Aires
To Be In Close Contact With, Affixed
Small Beard Around Nose, Mouth, Not On Sides
Category For Boxers Weighing 115-118 Pounds
__ Filefish Can Change Colors Very Quickly
Space Around Printed Words On A Page
__ Paine, English-american Writer And Activist
Moons That Share An Orbit But Never Collide
Tantalus’ Son, Whose Flesh Was Eaten By The Gods
How To Get Away With __, Law Drama With Viola Davis
Tesla __, Car And Energy Company
This Spoon Removes The Inside Of The Bone
Obi-wan __ Introduces Luke To Han Solo
Reply To A Question
Dried Grapes, Used As A Snack Or For Cooking
High Pitched Japanese Bamboo Instrument
Kid’s Drawing Tool Made Of Pigmented Wax

CodyCross Circus Group 88 Puzzle 4
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Liquid Used To Take Off Nail Polish, Thin Paint
Fatty, Tasty British Cheese
__ Wage, Bernie Sanders Ran To Have This Raised
Hormone Injected Into Diabetes Patients
European Country, Its Capital Is Minsk
Author Of The Waste Land
Time Of Enlistment In Any Military Branch
Zeus Counterpart In Roman Mythology
not Ambiguous, Emotional Conclusion
Etymological Meaning Of Zebra
Milwaukee __ Play At Miller Park

CodyCross Circus Group 88 Puzzle 5
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Thinking About Something Way Too Much
The Greek Muse Of Tragedy
A Utensil Used For Grooming
__ Day, Bill Murray’s Repetitive Holiday Comedy
Father Of Capitalism Published Book In 1776
Klimt Painted __ Frieze
The Uses Of It Are Sweet
Long Greenish Reptile “cousin” To The Crocodile
Ludo And Checkers Are A Type Of __
northwest __, Decree To Expand Us Territory
Trained And Licensed Doctor