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CodyCross Circus Group 89 Puzzle 1
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It Sounds Just Like Caesar’s
Skimpy Female Clothes Designed To Tantalize
British Singer Of Baby, I Love Your Way
A Chalk Illustrator Who Draws On The Sidewalk
Common Species Of Whale Found Around The World
City Located In Both European And Asian Continents
Considered One Of The Greatest Male Ballet Dancers
Lying Animal With Head Raised In Heraldry
not So Nice Place For A Naughty Kid, In The __
An Aura Often Occurs Before A __ Or Seizure
They Left England And Found A Colony In Plymouth
Flat, Broad Rubber Equipment Worn By Divers
Decorative, If Not Practical
Lusty, Strapping

CodyCross Circus Group 89 Puzzle 2
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Breed Of Cat Known For Playful Attitude
Meat Not Prepared With Salting Or Drying
Delivery Of Supplies By Plane With A Parachute
Stops Swelling; Cools Stings And Bites
It Kills With A Sweet Scent Of Almonds
Female Actor
__ Horn, Usually Made Of An Animal Horn
Amount Of Money That Is Short Of The Needed Total
Russian Wrestler Lost Twice In Nearly 900 Matches
Happens After It Rains; Contains All Of The Colors
Someone Who Brings Evidence Up In Arguments
Last Name Of Family Guy Protagonist
Throat Hangers, Sometimes Removed
__ Come, __ Go

CodyCross Circus Group 89 Puzzle 3
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Reaped When One Sows The Wind
Stand-up Social Critic, Cancer Victim
Kitty Cat Trying To Get In Tweety’s Cage
Madagascar’s Tiny, Eastern Neighbor
__ Dogs, Movie By Quentin Tarantino
Memphis __ Play At The Fedexforum
__ Of Scale, Money Saving Economic Principle
Katherine __, New Zealand Story Teller
It Decides What Is Socially Acceptable
Trojan Princess Not Trusted For Her Prophecies
Louisiana Creole Dish Based On The Spanish Paella

CodyCross Circus Group 89 Puzzle 4
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Something That Balances For Something Else
Small Tool With A Flat Blade, Used For Planting
Landlocked African Country, Capital Lilongwe
Machine That Makes A Car Move
High-speed Descent Of A Slope In Skis
A Medical Professional, Surgeon, Specialist
Pair Of Organs Used To Make Urine
Jessica Simpson’s Sister
Money Given Back For A Bad Product
norwegian __ Cats Bred For Cold Climates
__ And The Beast, 30th Disney Animated Classic
__ Hale, Colonial Spy During Revolutionary War
Feta Cheese Is Used In Salads From This Country
__ Twilight, Irish Movement, Revival
__, Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris Police Drama
Toy Of Metal Rings That Walks Down Stairs
French Dance Featuring High Kicks And Splits
Royal Title, Male Successor, Future King

CodyCross Circus Group 89 Puzzle 5
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Popular __, Bi Monthly, “nerdy” Magazine
Oceans Cover Almost Three __ Of The Earth
Evel __, World Famous Stuntman
Without Ending Or Beginning, Forever, Always There
Union __ Railroad, Largest Railroad In Western Us
They Speak Louder Than Words
Appliance Used To Cook Food With Hot Vapor
Force __, Clause Meaning “superior Force”
The Little __ Boy, Christmas Percussion Classic
Attacking, Robbing Someone In Public
Tim Burton’s Film About A Gifted Storyteller
Small Breed Of Dog Of Pure White Coat
Something That Nourishes, Sustains
Rubber Piece Located In Car’s Radiator
Knife Designed To Cut Heavy Rope