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CodyCross Circus Group 90 Puzzle 1
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Small Area Where You Grow Food
Timmy Turner Loves __ Tang, Who Doesn’t Like Him
Control Over Several People In A Company
The Capital Of Colombia
Popular Retail Discount Store In Us
Person Who Gives Wise, Divine Advice
night __ Goggles, Nocturnal Optic Function
Cooked Sausage, Usually Served On A Bun
The Dachshund Is Also Called The __ Dog
Lance __, Stage Performer Did Over 15,000 Shows

CodyCross Circus Group 90 Puzzle 2
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Airway Illness Requiring An Inhaler
__, Nintendo Game Console For Exercise
Turn And Cough To Check For Organ Exiting
South American Rodent Related To Guinea Pigs
Egypt Is Located In __
nordic Mythical Sea Creature; Release The __
Red Lead
Sweet Liquid Created By Plants, Especially Fruits
__ Brody, Won An Academy Award At Age 29
United State’s Major Ally During Revolutionary War
Shoot A Person Out Of This At A Circus
Vertical Blade On The Stern Of A Ship
__ Of The Jungle Was A Popular 1967 Cartoon
Music Made Using Cutlery, Aka Playing The Bones
Yahtzee Is A Game Of Luck __ By Rolling 5 Dice

CodyCross Circus Group 90 Puzzle 3
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Patio, Usually Enclosed
One __, Band That Has Only One Successful Song
non-surgical Procedure Of Digestive Tract
Commanded The Starship Uss Enterprise In Star Trek
A Peddler Of Shoddy Goods
Inventor Of A Colorful Puzzle In A Cubic Shape
It Is Said To Be Hidden At The End Of The Rainbow
Popular Social Media Site, Photos, Filters
1942 Is A Vertically __ Flight Game From 1984
This Tissue Connects Bones To Other Bones
English Queen Who Introduced Tea-drinking In The Uk

CodyCross Circus Group 90 Puzzle 4
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Person Who Claims Fault Against The Other In Court
Even Among Them There’s Honour
Suspended Bed Normally Placed Outside
Student Who Quits High School Before Graduation
Sweet Layered Pastry With Nuts And Honey
__ Crane, Enemy Of The Headless Horseman
A Newly Established Company With Few Employees
To Contemplate Or Think Carefully About Something
To Be Courageous, Valiant, Not Scared
First King Of England To Go On A Crusade
Marine Animal With A Shell And Soft Body
nba Team __ Suns Lost Championship In 1973
String Instrument Played With The Mouth
A __ Takes Care Of Your Teeth

CodyCross Circus Group 90 Puzzle 5
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Several Pieces Of Artillery Used For Action
Woven Fabric With Elaborate, Raised Pattern
__ Impossible, Tom Cruise Movie Franchise
Of A Classical Building Without Decorative Columns
Blood-__ Frog Shells Have Red Colored Tips
Place For Takeoff And Landing Of Airplanes
Mother To Many, Natalie Suleman, Aka The __
To Put Information Into A Code, To Encipher
Pie Made With This Citric Fruit, Eggs, And Milk
Addictive Substance From The Coca Plant
What A Teacher Asks For In Class
A Sport Which Is Part Of The Olympic Events
South Asian Language Spoken In Bangladesh
The __ Loser, Weight Loss Reality Show