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CodyCross Circus Group 91 Puzzle 1
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Cephalopod Mollusc With Eight Sucker-bearing Arms
House Of __, Trick Reflections At Amusement Park
Boat That Has A Cabin For The Crew, Cabin __
Bill Nye, The __ Guy
Structure For Generating Heat For Houses
A Prison __ Is Sought After By Law Enforcement
A Sport Which Is Part Of The Olympic Events
Menacing Influences
80s Movie Classic Depicting One-eyed Willy
Roosevelt’s Plan To Front The Great Depression
To Acknowledge Opponent’s Victory Beforehand

CodyCross Circus Group 91 Puzzle 2
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Monopoly Is An __-based Game Of Wealth
The Act Of Ending A Marriage
Art, Photos, Written Works About Sex And Love
Sheet Of Clear Plastic Over A Piece Of Art
__ Call, Actors Bow To Audience At End Of Play
Hippies Hung Out There In The 1960s, Haight __
A Strip Of Fabric Gathered Or Pleated On One Edge
Halgerda Batangas Is A Species Of __
Creature That Sucks Blood And Lives Eternally
Title Character Of Cervantes’ Epic Spanish Tale
Home To Cnn, Coke And The World’s Busiest Airport
Firearm For Construction Work
To Flog A Dead Horse Is __
Entertain At A Party, Making A Website Available

CodyCross Circus Group 91 Puzzle 3
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Wealthy Sport Utilizing Leisure Ships
Colorful Candies Placed On Top Of A Stick
Don __, Opera By Mozart
Language Spoken In The Polynesian State Of The Us
50 Books On Civil Law Compiled By Order Of Justinian
Band That Recorded The Hit Turn Turn Turn
nerd Gathering In San Diego, Now Mainstream
Mountainous Region Between Black And Caspian Seas
Us State With An Italian Motto
Optical Bruising From Blunt Force To Face
Genie, Voiced By Robin __, In Disney’s Aladdin
Gross __ Product, Usually Referred To As Gdp

CodyCross Circus Group 91 Puzzle 4
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Used For Dry Lips
Green-blue Color, Also A Semi-precious Stone
Distance East Or West From The Prime Meridian
Colorless Crystals Used As Insecticide
Green Even When Ripe
Furniture Designed To Hold A Basin Or A Jug
Popular 90s Bond Film Starring Pierce Brosnan
American Who Wrote The Old Man And The Sea
Trolls Are Norse Monsters Who Live In The __
Group Of Working Prisoners, Sam Cooke Song

CodyCross Circus Group 91 Puzzle 5
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The Best Laid __ Of Mice And Men
A Mayor With Judicial Powers As Well
Popular Video Website Bought By Google In 2006
Official Language Of Tanzania
Small Fish, Joked About Pizza Topping
Powerful Energy Source, Disastrous As Weapon
Containers That Are Used To Drink Out Of
American Musician, Artist, And Actor, __ Manson
Texas Baseball Club, New York City Hockey Team
__ Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, 2006 Film
Feeling Of Resentment, Anger, Offense