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CodyCross Circus Group 93 Puzzle 1
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Large Tract Of Land
Also Known As Chinese Cabbage
Stimulant Street Drug, Causes Hallucinations
Ridge Or Mass Of Glacial Drifts, Bolders, Sand
Starbase In Mass Effect
Shakespeare Tragedy About Moorish General
Hard Keratin Cover On The Tips Of Our Feet
Shapes Allegedly Created By Extraterrestrials
Take A Look At Me Now, Phil __
Game Of __, Tv Show Adapted From A Book Series
Something Separating Two Things
Texas Vs. __ Determined Flag Burning Protected

CodyCross Circus Group 93 Puzzle 2
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__ In The Grass, Movie With Natalie Wood
This Common Eye Disease Leads To Loss Of Vision
__ Dance Is Made Of Partner Dances Only
And The Like (in Latin)
Obtained By The Destructive Distillation Of Wood
Greek God Of The Sea
One Of The Shortest French Monarchs In History
A Good That Is Sent Overseas
Hand Beauty Treatment Aka Mani
Speedy __ Was Always Too Fast For Sylvester
__ Report, Sports Website With Opinion Pieces
Type Of Ginger Plant, Used As A Spice

CodyCross Circus Group 93 Puzzle 3
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Magic Kingdom’s Principal Roadway, Main __
Limb Of A Tree, Large Or Small
Comes From Arabic “al Zahr” Which Means Dice
__ Brothers, Country-influenced Rock And Roll Duo
__ Of The King, Movie That Won 11 Oscars
Dr. Remy Hadley On House, __ Wilde
Marie __, Monthly Health And Beauty Magazine
Walking Upwards, Usually Outdoors
It Is Composed By Four Countries, The __ Kingdom
Animal Control __ Capture Animals
Starting Poker Hand Of Two Like Cards: __ Pair
Lara Croft Is The Main Character In Tomb __
Customs Charge On An Import Or Export
A Drop In The __, Too Small An Amount
Etiology Is The Study Of __ Of Diseases
Sweet Baked Dough, Eaten For Dessert Or Breakfast

CodyCross Circus Group 93 Puzzle 4
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These “french” Dogs Are Actually From Germany
Southernmost Of The Virgin Islands
Unsteady Movements, Wavering
Harry __, Notable Illusionist And Escapologist
When Two People Are To Be Married
__ Wipes, Moistened Tissues For Cleaning
__ Blackhawks Play Hockey At The United Center
Barium Is An __ With An Atomic Number Of 56
Hitchcock’s Movie With Laurence Olivier
West Indian Musical Style, Usually Improvised
Popular Name For Model T Cars
__ Energy, Wild Drink With A Tear Mark On Its Can
Cartoon About A Group Of Toddlers And Their Lives

CodyCross Circus Group 93 Puzzle 5
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Antibiotics Are Used To Treat An __
Double Saucepan
Tissue That Is Present In Joints, Rib Cage, Ears
Wookie With Famous Growl, Solo Partner In Star Wars
__ Time Video Game Has Finn & Jake
Apple Ii Had Hard Drive Of Only 5 __
Beautiful Insect Known For Its Colorful Wings
Food Or Drink Served Before A Meal
The Real Name Of The Fashion Designer Coco Chanel