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CodyCross Circus Group 94 Puzzle 1
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“tropical” Fruity Drink Packs A Punch
Fenimore Cooper Novel About The Last Of This Tribe
This Big Red Dog Is Friendly And Loyal
Oldest Indoor Hockey Arena In Boston
__ Dad, Adult Cartoon Led By Cia Agent
Rabble, Populace
Most Dust Particles In Your House Are Made Of __
Ectopic Means Not The Correct __ In The Body
High School Singing Group That Inspired A Tv Show
Rock Formed From Magma Erupted From A Volcano
Toadlike Animal’s Legs Are Eaten In Some Cultures
On Site Journalist
Water Animal Amusement Park
Terrible Creature Only Exists In The Mind

CodyCross Circus Group 94 Puzzle 2
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Steel __, A Film About Six Louisiana Women
Building On Campus With Rooms Where Students Live
Outward Signs Of Wealth
A Poser, A Brain-teaser
A Fault Confessed Is Half __
Europe’s Bicycle Capital
Cars Parading At A Slow Pace
Welsh Author Famous For His Children Books
A Hippo Is One Of The Most __ Animals
name By Which Mars Is Known

CodyCross Circus Group 94 Puzzle 3
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Seismic Sea Wave Caused By Earthquake
Princess Procne Was Turned Into A __
The Book Of Lamentations Is About __
Freddy __, Long-fingered Monster That Haunts Dreams
Command Solemnly Under Oath
Theatrical Code To Warn Of Fire
Dallas Wild West Football Club
Mouth-like Tool Binds Papers Together
__ Girls, Depicts A Mother-daughter Relationship
__ Sachs, Banking Firm, Helped Cause 2008 Crisis
Occuring In Petroleum And Natural Gas
Pop-rock Musical Genre Created In The Late 1970s
“green” Country Considered Halloween Birthplace
A __ Has A Long Neck

CodyCross Circus Group 94 Puzzle 4
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When The Saints Go __ In, I Want To Be In That Number
A Piercing Of The Skin
Main Character Of A Confederacy Of Dunces
Removes Water, Waste From Home
To Approximate Opinion, Height, Worth, Etc
A Villain Hideout In The Spy Who Loved Me
nfl Team Known For Its Controversial Moniker
notorious San Francisco Bay’s Prison
Bird, Runs Fast, Two Black Bands Around Its Neck
__ Spree, Buying Things Until You Drop
negative Aspect Of Something, Handicap
Old Machine Used For Grinding Or Pumping

CodyCross Circus Group 94 Puzzle 5
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To Illegally Carry Away A Person, Kidnap
__ Vs Superman, A Movie Released In 2016
Painful Sores In The Stomach Lining
You Want To Roll A Seven Or __ In Craps
American Word For “football” Comes From The Uk
Irish Dish For Leftovers
Of This South American Mountain Range
Ambon __ Is Yellow With A Spot On Its Fin
King __ Iii, Uk Monarch During Revolutionary War
Hay __, Haymaking Machine
Three Plus Three Multiplied By Two
Small Organ At The End Of The Stomach
Clay Creatures In Medieval Jewish Folklore
__ Belt, A Circumstellar Disc In The Solar System
__ Ibsen, Norwegian 19th Century Playwright
The __ Of Korra Is A Game Based Off The Tv Show