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CodyCross Circus Group 95 Puzzle 1
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Tina Fey Started On __ Night Live
Brief Comic Italian Opera
San Diego __ Played At Qualcomm Stadium In 2015
World’s Largest Rodent With A Big Nose
Shoes Primarily Designed For Sports
not Wanting To Do Anything, Lack Of Motivation
Deceptively Affable, For The Irish
Melissa __, Ghostbusters Reboot Actress, Comedian
In The Sidney Lumet’s Film They Are Twelve
The Greek Name For Asia Minor
A Person Who Plays A Musical Instrument
__ Inc. Pixar Movie With Mike And Sulley
Great __, Sparsely Populated Australian Desert

CodyCross Circus Group 95 Puzzle 2
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Listening To Conversation Without Being Noticed
Item That Seals Off Something; Wall Or Fence
A Barrelman Is A Sailor __ In The Crow’s Nest
Psv __, Top Dutch Soccer Side
__ Cichlid Has Large Black Spot On Its Face
Protagonist Of My Fair Lady
Colossal Cave Adventure, 1977 Text __ Game
John __, Beloved Bank Robber In The Depression Era
Someone Who Goes Into Space In A Rocket
Capital Of The Netherlands

CodyCross Circus Group 95 Puzzle 3
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Candy Fish Is A __ Delicacy Created In The 1950s
Someone With Two Distinct Types Of Cells
Enormous California Redwood
A Snake Is A __
President Who Signed The Nafta Trade Agreement
Feeling Of Joy, Sorrow, Fear, Hate, Or Love
Every Man Has The __ Of His Own Virtues
Another Name For A Dendrite
One Of The Characters Of Les Miserábles
Return Of The Symptoms Of A Disease
Art Made Of Clay, Fired, And Glazed
Someone Who Works At A Store’s Register

CodyCross Circus Group 95 Puzzle 4
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Pre-nativity Christian Celebration; Candles
Walt __ Pictures
Capital Of Cuba
Something Visible, Tangible, Stable In Form
A Cooking Item, Like A Kettle, Used For Heating
Infectious, Very Contagious Disease From Bacteria
__ Dart Frog, Poisonous, With Beautiful Colors
Eastern European Crushed Garlic Clove Sauce
Exchange Particles For Color Force Between Quarks
Blue __, Us Navy Acrobatic Flying Squad
Anagram Of Signet
These Flower Particles Cause Allergies
Shonda __, Writer Behind Several Hit Drama Series
__ Kong, Nintendo Classic With Climbing Gorilla
Crazy __, Mattel Sells Game As Uno

CodyCross Circus Group 95 Puzzle 5
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To Be Thrown Out Of A Game In Sports
Staying True To People, Places And Things
A Serious Crime, Threat Of Bodily Harm
State With Red Soil Known As The Peach State
Pancake-flipping Utensil
Magna Carta Is Also Known As The Great __
Element That Gives A Color Its Hue
To Perform An Operation On A Patient
Clothing Worn By Members Of A Group
Considered Shakespeare’s Last Play
European Language Formalized By Dante
__ Hurt, Actor Of Into The Wild
Pokemon That Evolves Into Alakazam When Traded
Elegant __ Sea Star Has Long Thin Legs