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CodyCross Circus Group 96 Puzzle 1
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French Delicacy Meaning Edible Snail
Surfing Is __ On A Board Riding A Wave
Munch Painted Death In The __
Opposite Of Proton, Unit Of Charge
Ancient, Pointy-nosed Fish Similar To A Shark
Joey __, Actor, Blossom, Brotherly Love
Ancient Symbol Resembling Two Crossed Letters “s”
A Person Whose Job Is To Sell Things
Dwarf Planet And Largest Object In The Kuiper Belt
Domain, Department
__ Lights, Aka Aurora Borealis

CodyCross Circus Group 96 Puzzle 2
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The __, Won The Academy Awards In 2012
Finger Known As “the Bird”
Object Used To Stop, Slow Or Hold A Ship In Place
Large Tropical Lizard, Popular Pet
Religious Leader
Famous For Writing Speeches In Rome
Coming To A Finish; Opposite Of Beginning
Creamy Beverage, Christmas’ Favorite
Berber Language Spoken In The Northeast Of Algeria
Pretoria Is The Capital Of South __
Established As The Truth By Evidence
Superior, Greater, Improved
Tetradrachm’s Face Who Knew It All
Maybe Next Time He’ll Think Before He __
Storeroom For Food In Old Houses
Gain Position In Basketball Beside Free Throw Lane
A Type Of Dance Originally From Cuba
natural Tarnish That Forms On Metals And Stone
Piece Of Clothing Worn On Legs During The Summer
Battleship Was A __ And Paper Game Until 1967
An Oasis Is A Green Watery __ In A Desert
Like Chickens, They Come Home To Roost

CodyCross Circus Group 96 Puzzle 3
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College Favorite Involving Juggling Footbag
Allegedly, A Mind Reader
Italian Jewish Writer And Holocaust Survivor
Photo-sharing Site Where You Pin Photos
Messi Played Most Of His Career For This Club
Looking To The Past In Shows Or Movies
Swiss-based Carbonated Drink Brand
Tommy James Led Musical Group: The __
Where Circus Performers Eat, Not Public
In 1991’s Darkman, You Control The __

CodyCross Circus Group 96 Puzzle 4
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A Bedroom For Guests
Capital Of Mauritius
Lustful, Indecent
Early 20th Century Us Swing Dance
__ Pinesnake Is A Nonvenomous Constrictor
Someone In Charge Of An Organization
Asparatame Is A Man-made __ For Foods
Road Going Under A Bridge
Escarpment Is The __ Of Land
Puns Or The Like
To Be Irritated Due To Indigestion
Popular Instrument During 2010 Football World Cup
Dementia Disease Causes Memory Loss In Elderly

CodyCross Circus Group 96 Puzzle 5
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The Scottish Capital
Armed Forces Of Nazi Germany
Protective As An Uncle
Big Yellow Tropical Fruit
Dangerous Coagulated Mass In Arteries
One-yard Marks On Football Field
Formation Where Water Spills Over An Edge
Fire And __
Internet Unlikeable, Facial Hair Below The Face
Equipment Used To Glide On Water
Folkloric Bigfoot Of The Northwestern Pacific Coast