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CodyCross Circus Group 97 Puzzle 1
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Breast Drill, A Type Of Hand Drill
Tv Mogul: Cnn, Tbs, Tnt And More
Baseball Accomplishment; Denny’s Big Breakfast
Movie Starring Lana Turner: __ Of Life
Known As India’s “silicon Valley”
__ Wars, Series Of 20th Century Asian Conflicts
A Daily Summary
To Be Drained Of Strength Or Energy
The Common Garden Mint; A Candy Flavor
Insecticide, __ Used To Kill Insects
Moon __ Are Found In Most Oceans

CodyCross Circus Group 97 Puzzle 2
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Paper Chase
Maritime Member Of The Justice League
__ Quo: One Thing For Another In Latin
In Baseball, The Team With Control Of The Ball
German Noble House That Ruled The Duchy Of Anhalt
The Empire __ Back, A Star Wars Movie
Web __ Games Are Played Without Downloads
Crew Of An Aircraft In Us Air Force
__ Ajdukiewicz, Polish Portrait Painter
Country Where Shakespeare Was Born
Someone Who Sends Unwanted E-mails
Dipsophobia Is Fear Of Drinking __
Liquid Used As Flavoring For Drinks

CodyCross Circus Group 97 Puzzle 3
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Tends To Flock, Jesus To His Followers
Interested In Others, Not Introverted
Common North American Freshwater Fish
Equally Good At War And For Soothing Babies
Country In Horn Of Africa, Capital Is Addis Ababa
Mario __, Nintendo’s Brethren Hit
The __, Animation About The Heir Of The Jungle
__ Cassidy, Fictional Cowboy Character, Tv Series
Fine Grit Tool Used To Fix Chipped Nails
Billy Budd, An Opera By __ Britten
In Frederick Forsyth’s Novel, The Jackal’s Target

CodyCross Circus Group 97 Puzzle 4
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Item Shipped In A Box In The Mail
Remove Deposits Of Chemicals On A Cooking Item
Twin To Apollo
Magic __, Disney’s Top Park; Cinderella’s Castle
number Of Items In Different Sizes, Colors, Shapes
Holthius __ Shrimp Have Purple Spots
Type Of Plant, Also A Bright Red-purple Color
Covered Structure Used To Park Cars Under
Metathesiophobia Is The Fear Of __
__ Cove, Newfoundland. Named After Soil, Not Hair
David Killed Him With A Slingshot
Communist Icon Who Started Out As Doctor

CodyCross Circus Group 97 Puzzle 5
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Only Continent Located In All Hemispheres
Known For His Role As The Joker, Died In 2008
Gather Liquid, Gas, Etc On A Surface In A Layer
Professional That Produces Fabrics By Threading
Balderdash Is A Game Of __ And Bluffing
Man In The __, Michael Jackson Song
A Medium-grade Metamorphic Rock
Digital Cell Phone, __ Phone, Portable, Moving
Food Chain, The House Of This Breakfast Item
__ Little Liars, Tv Drama Set In Rosewood
Jaundice Is A __ Staining Of Skin
Large Bone That Holds Lower Organs In Place
White __, Emigration From Cities To Suburbs
__ Punch, Last Hit, Knockout Blow
Easy To Bend, Ductile