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CodyCross Circus Group 99 Puzzle 1
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Blood __, Is Related To Blood In The Arteries
Latin American Stuffed Pastry
Primate With Bright Blue And Red Face
You’ve Probably Been Told Not To Crack These
Deciduous Tree With Dark Purple Berries
Quick, Public Assembly Of People Doing An Act
Val __, A Tartan Noir Writer
Paved Pathway For Pedestrians
Also Known As Horse Trials
World Of __, Video Game Made Into Movie In 2016
Garbage __ Unit, Found Under Kitchen Sink

CodyCross Circus Group 99 Puzzle 2
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Terraria Is A Sandbox Action-__ Game
Scottish Philosopher, British Empiricist
Taking Out More Money Than What Was There
Frigid, Dairy Mixed Treat
Tim Burton Directed Pee-wee’s Big __
The Day Before Today
Olympic Event Including Discus, Javelin, Etc
Crinoid __ Is Found On Indo-pacific Reefs
Cape Cod Island, Summer Destination
Machine Or Person Who Gathers Crops

CodyCross Circus Group 99 Puzzle 3
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Tony Hawk’s Pro __ 5 Released Dec 2015
__ Shaping Corrects Small Problems In Teeth
80’s Band That Made A Hit About Big Brother
Beam Me Up __, Star Trek Personality
The Capital Of Republic Of Macedonia
Deep And Narrow __ From A Stream Or River
Ufo: Unidentified Flying __
Chili __, Dried, Crushed Mixture Of Chilis
Boat Made By Hollowing Out A Log; Also In Baseball
non-federal Government Powers Belong To The __
__ Peet, American Actress
This Type Of Hair Can Be A Follicle Annoyance
Feline Stimulant

CodyCross Circus Group 99 Puzzle 4
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Sirens Lured Sailors In Ancient Greek Tale
More People Are Killed By __ Than Plane Crashes
Human Duality Foe Of The Caped Crusader
Device Sends Medicine To Lungs For Asthma Victims
An Effort To Do Something
Outline Of A Body Or Figure
Social Media, Post Limit Of Only 140 Characters
Popular Drink Containing Both Tea And Fruit Juice
Vertical Scrabble
Hardest Known Natural Material
Getting More Irritated
What Makes The Man, According To Shakespeare
This Country’s Flag Is The Oldest In The World

CodyCross Circus Group 99 Puzzle 5
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Study Of The History Of Words
This Trumpeter Imagined A Wonderful World
Someone Who Studies The Scientific Study Of Life
Cuttlefish Are Related To Squid And __
East Slavic Language
Warren Buffet’s Holding Company, __ Hathaway
Famous Sitcom With Funny Lead Lady, Cuban Husband
Some Of These In Monterey (ca) Are 2000 Years Old
In 1986’s Rampage, Monsters Destroy __
Powerful Newsman From Sweet Smell Of Success
Car Lighting Allows You To See Inside Of Vehicle