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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 121 Puzzle 1
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Tuxedos And Gowns Are __ Wear
Type Of Music From French Creole Louisiana
John __, Senator From Arizona
Craft For Moving About On Water
Long, Thin Food Bowl, Usually For Pigs
A Fiend Is An Evil __, Demon, Or Spook
Future Right To Buy Or Sell Security
Characteristic Of A Certain Group Of People
George Of The __ Animated Series Inspired By Tarzan
Lifeless Human Form Aka Cadaver
People Who Are Connected By Some Activity
Boxing Without An Opponent For Training Purposes
__ Hears A Who! Dr. Seuss Book
Peter Paul __ Painted Prometheus Bound
Angler, Kid Card Game

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 121 Puzzle 2
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The Shape Of A Fungus Before It Releases Spores
The __, Disney’s Smash African 1994 Hit
__ Srihari, Indian Sculptor
Home Heating Device Usually Against A Wall
Small Toothed Whales Aka Mereswine
Used Or Seen Daily
Hatred Of Marriage
Pale Round Seed Aka Garbanzo Beans
“don’t Make A Mountain Out Of A __”
To Engage In Combat With Lances On Horseback
Medicine Usually Comes In The Form Of Pills Or __
Knives Designed To Be Tossed At Targets
Someone Who Conducts A Machine Or Other Equipments

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 121 Puzzle 3
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Subterfuge Is A __ Mobile Game
Straightening A Limb, Lengthen A Ladder
Obese Cartoon Character Voiced By Bill Cosby
Germany’s Largest Airline
What A Dog Shouldn’t Bark Up At
Political Scandal That Affected Nixon’s Government
Cersei, Tyrion And Jaime __
After Primary Colors: Green, Orange, And Purple
Pedro __, Spanish Director Of Talk To Her
Layered Cake That Used To Be Made With Beets
Profession Threatened By Services Like Uber

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 121 Puzzle 4
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A Nurse __ Doctors In Hospitals
Red Candy Coloring Made From Cochineal Bugs
Track From Which Ships Are Launched Into Water
Human Father Of Comic Book Offspring
Lower Level Of Carbon Dioxide Than Normal
Silver __ Playbook, 2012 Oscar Nominee
__ Oblongata, Base Of Your Brain
Musical That Features The Song Chim Chim Cher-ee
A Newborn’s Wardrobe
Scottish Reed Instrument, Bag With Melody Pipes
Long __ Snaps Football To The Holder For Kickoff
Warty Sea Slug Is __ With Wart-like Bumps
Professional Knows Tulips From Roses

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 121 Puzzle 5
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School Or Office Cafeteria Where Food Is Served
__ Alexander Leach, Cary Grant’s Real Name
Temporary Solution With Whatever You Have
Praising A Product Or Service In Public
Family Of Mammals With Pouches
Bacteria, Viruses Cause An __ In The Body
Large Round Inflated Object To Play With
The Study Of Meaning
Tropical Tree; Its Fruit Can Reach 80 Lb
Laborer Who Sets Hard Surface Flooring