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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 122 Puzzle 1
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Before Things Are Easy They Are Like This
Two Types Of Cars: Manual And __
__ Crab Uses Items Around It To Hide
Fat Tuesday To Start The Time Before Lent
Type Of Glyph Used In Computing Aka Hack, Whack
Greatest Vertical Drop On Earth
These Chips Are Found In Classic American Cookie
Road Movie That Defined A Generation
Bart’s Teacher, Skinner’s Girlfriend
Won The Printz Award For Novel Looking For Alaska
To Use Heat To Seal A Wound Or Destroy Diseases

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 122 Puzzle 2
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Wrapping, Warmth, Concealment, Blankets
Celtic Language Not Recognized By The Government
Giant Lion From The Jewish Folklore
Way Of Gathering Objects From Bottom Of A River
American __, Stoic Painting By Grant Wood
Sustenance For Bon Jovi
Apple’s Ipad Is One Of These Devices
Goree __, Atlantic Slave Trade, In Senegal
nationality Of The Playwright Moliere
Two-dimensional Simple Shape, 360 Degrees
__ Percent Of All Animals Have Six Legs
Japanese Car Brand
Emergency Allergy Device, Its Cost Rose In 2016
Sacramento Kings’ Jerseys Are __ And White
Many Eat This Stalk With Peanut Butter
The __ In Their Eyes, Argentine 2009 Oscar Winner

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 122 Puzzle 3
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To Roast Over Hot Coal Or An Open Fire
Patricia __, Won An Oscar For Boyhood
Concise Saying, Maxim Aka Aphorism
Scion Of Aeolus Transformed Into A Kingfisher
Medical Device Allows For Urinary Drainage
Fdr’s Chats To A Weary Nation
Shoot, Sprout
__ Bad, Chemistry Teacher Turned Meth Lab Owner
__ Persuasion, Civil War Film With Gary Cooper
American Football Is Also Known As __
Spreads Like __, With Great Speed
The __, Successful Motown Girls’ Group

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 122 Puzzle 4
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Ally __, Calista Flockhart Quirky Legal Show
Top 40 Casey Kasem Voiced This Scooby Doo Pal
Certificate For A Lower Price
Long Pastry With Chocolate On Top And Cream Inside
The __ Of Pickpockets, French Short Film
Boldly Display Or Parade Yourself
__ Forge, Winter Military Camp During Revolution
Thin Cord Or Thread Used For Tying, Binding
Penn And __, Mute Half Of Comedy, Magic Duo
Stone __, Implement That Clears Fields
Liquid In Outer Space Will Always Form A __
Initially Conceived As A Martial Art
Very High Elevation, Above Tree Growth
Female Children Of Your Brother Or Sister
Two-dimensional Code Developed In Japan
To Be Hit In The Face May Cause This Secreting Nose
__ Bell And The Lost Treasure
Every Cloud Is Supposed To Have A Silver One
Witches Are Said To Have Magical __
Small Vermin, Shifty Character

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 122 Puzzle 5
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Area Using This Unit Of Land Measurement
Tubman’s Last Words, Swing Low, Sweet __
Foghorn __, The Rooster On Looney Tunes
Set Of Steel Plates Hit With Hammers On A Keyboard
English Writer Famous For The Creation Of Narnia
Country Known For Producing Fancy Chocolates
Most Common Type Of Computer
__, Luggage That Stays With You, Overhead
Bats Always Go Left When __ Their Cave
Uncomfortable Situation
__ Tracy, American Actor
Monday __ Quarterback, Retrospect Player