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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 123 Puzzle 1
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British Four-wheeled Vehicle Brand
Slang For A Dollar Bill
Popular In American Cuisine, Jolly Green Giant
God’s Illegitimate Profession
British Band, Dark Side Of The Moon
Study Of The Earth’s Natural Structures
Plastic Surgery For Your Love Handles
__ Steve Austin, Actor, Wrestler
Story About A Person’s Life
Chilean Animated Movie, 2015 Oscar-winner

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 123 Puzzle 2
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Springfield’s Principal, Still Lives With Mom
This President Created The Thanksgiving Holiday
The Best Way To A Man’s Heart Goes Through It
__ Fiction; A Book Or Movie Genre
Call This If You Want The Front Seat In A Car
Robert __, Created The Sundance Film Festival
__ Lionfish Is A Venomous Pacific Fish
To Look At Something With Scorn, Contempt
Caribbean Islands, Columbus’ First Landing
__ Car, Railroad Car Not For People, For Goods
Cut Into Fourths
Winter Game With Stones And Brooms
Visible Evidence Something Is No Longer There

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 123 Puzzle 3
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Amy __, Comedian Co-wrote Trainwreck
Extreme Positive Emotion Of Love, Lust
The First White House’s First Lady, __ Adams
Role, Character, Aspect Of One Perceived By Others
Kid’s Toy Became Fetch Toy And Ultimate Sport
Word That Is The Opposite Of Another
Sports Rules Enforcer
A Soiled Or Discolored Spot
Angela __, How Stella Got Her Groove Back Actress
Raised Flat Land
Someone Who Establishes Something
To Drive Backwards
Large North American Brown Bear
Disney’s The Sword And The Rose Is Based In __
__ Wine, From Grapes Harvested In Specific Year
To Say Farewell To Someone
60 __, 1 Hour News Show On Sundays

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 123 Puzzle 4
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Capital Of Turkmenistan
To Have An Opposite Reaction Than Expected
Ge, General __, Is An American Company
Small, Round Cake, Made From Almonds Or Coconut
Tv’s Batman, Quahog’s Mayor
Jewish Holiday, Freedom From Egypt, Moses
__ Sea Urchin Has Distinctive Blunt Spikes
Hero’s Best Moment In Epic Poetry
__ And Dragons, Role Playing Board Game
__ University Tells How Sulley And Mike Met
Sauce For Salads
Jack __, Nicholson’s Shining Hotel Visitor

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 123 Puzzle 5
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nyc Borough That Gave The World The Hip Hop
Variation On Fruit Salad, Usually Marshmallow
Turin-based Soccer Club Meaning “youth”
__ The Bounty Hunter Captures Han Solo In Episode V
Two Pieces Of Bread With A Filling
Fish Out Of Water Tv Show, Northern __
Bronchitis Is Inflammation And __ In The Lungs
Someone Who Eats The Flesh Of Another Human Being
People Say She Was Made Of Iron
Some Parts Of This Literature Genre Seem Silly
Better An Egg Today Than A Hen __