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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 126 Puzzle 1
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Play Boisterously, Cavort
1 In Every 4 __ Lobsters Are Blue
__ Armstrong, Rubbery, Elastic Toy
Shonda Rhimes Take On Political Misdeeds
Mythical Bird That Is Reborn From Ashes
Small Country In South Africa, Capital Is Maseru
Growth Ring In A Cross Section Of Tree Trunk
Chair Filled With Pellets
__ Hook Is Peter Pan’s Nemesis
Atv Aka All __ Vehicle
Act Of Choosing And Purchasing Vacation, Ticket
__ Year War, Conflict Between France And England
nutritious Starch From A Root, Source Of Tapioca

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 126 Puzzle 2
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Tube Used To Swallow Food
Superman’s Bespectacled Alter Ego
Challenging Toy, Bouncy Pole With Places For Feet
Ahoy Is A Cry To Draw __ To Something
Jean __, Actress Of All In The Family
Someone Who Studies Plant Medications
Term For A Misfit
Three __, Picasso’s Distorted Orchestra Piece
70s Tv Show Spoofing 50s Culture
Single Flake Of Snow
next To A Ship Or The Pier
Southeast Asian Nut Aka Indian Walnut

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 126 Puzzle 3
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number After Nineteen
Polish Capital Known As “phoenix City”
Family That Adopted Princess Leia In Star Wars
Silky Sharks Have Very __ Skin
Electrical Bulbs In A Place; Plural Of Light
Greek Water Nymphs
Utah State __ Play Football At Maverik Stadium
Act Of Traveling On A Horse, Car, Plane, Boat
Only The Item Specified, Nothing More, Simply
Soft Film That Builds On Teeth
Separation Of __, Less Concentrated Influence
__ Onion, Wedding Soup In European Countries
__ Carey, Owned The 90s With 14 Number One Hits
Person With Uniquely Specialized Skills, Teachings

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 126 Puzzle 4
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Ocean That Extends From America To Europe
The First __ Device Was Completed In 1946
Rodent Responsible For Tree Planting
__ Bogart, Famous For Film Noir Such As Casablanca
Amanda __, A Million Ways To Die In The West
Weakest Form Of Volition
A Metal Covering That Sheathes A Metal Structure
Device Invented In The Middle Ages
Money Is Deposited In Them, Checking __
Language Spoken In The French Polynesia
Female Country Star With Tv Sitcom

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 126 Puzzle 5
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Effect That Is A Change In Frequency In A Wave
Lot Is Slang For The Circus Show __
The __ Eight, 2015 Quentin Tarantino Movie
Large Type Of Dishware Used For Serving Food
__ & Clank, 2016 Movie
Human Noses And Ears Never Stop __
__ Ii, Belgian Butcher Devasted The Congo
Lake __, Fictitious Town Created By G. Keillor
The Capital Of North Carolina
Domestic Fowl, Chickens, Turkeys
Sometime In The Future
Being Warned About Problem, Told About An Issue