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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 128 Puzzle 1
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Pete Rose Banned From Hall Of Fame For This Sin
Large Flat Space In Front Of A Garage
Surgery To Make A Face Look Younger
Lowest Rating In Military Shooting
Aka “murder Hole” Referred To Slits For Archers
__ Of Arabia, Won The Academy Awards In 1963
With The Rain In __, Three Dog Night Hit
Large Ray With Horns On Each Side Of Mouth
One Must Break Eggs To Make This
__ Clothes, Apparel By Famous Creators

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 128 Puzzle 2
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Assign Someone A Position
Bring Before Court To Answer Indictment
Gm, __ Motors, Is An American Car Company
Extract Of A Flower Or Plant To Create Scents
Lilo & Stitch Is A Movie About An __ Alien
Ski __, Event Includes Flying With Two Stilts
Three Main Colors: Red, Blue And Yellow
Pertaining To A Government System
Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Directed By __ Bay
Knife Designed For Slicing Fruits, Vegetables
Popular Coupon Website
Rapidly Growing City On Indonesian Island, Java
These Toys Wobble, But Don’t Fall Down
African Wild Pig With Curved Tusks

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 128 Puzzle 3
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Actress Became Singing Nun In Hit Sister Act
Female Leader Of Germany In 2015
1984 Conan Game Had __ Schwarzenegger On It
Aliens Do This
American Ninja Warrior Host, Matt __
not Quite All, Almost All
Group Of Military Vehicles Traveling Together
Social Site Where Users Vote On Favorite Pieces
Young Woman Of Noble Birth
Thermonuclear __ Was First Tested In 1952
Injury That Leaves A Bluish-red Mark On Skin
Medium-sized Feline Found In America, Bobbed Tail
Legendary Dragon-like Creature
Teachers In This Country Have Been Paid In Vodka

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 128 Puzzle 4
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Antiseptics Slow Growth Of Micro__
The Walrus And The __ From Alice In Wonderland
Surname Common To Two American Presidents
Source Of Energy For Nuclear Weapons
Pilots A Train
Country Known For Executing Drug Traffickers
Cajun Dish Of Rice, Vegetables
At Times Virtues Are Made Of This
Latin Expression Meaning The Other Way Around
Stamp Collecting Is Gathering __ Stamps

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 128 Puzzle 5
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__ Pennant, Flown To Show Absence Of An Officer
Camelot Is A Strategy Game By Parker __
Something That Establishes Or Serves As A Pattern
Fortified Tower, Small Fortress, Citadel
Better Call Saul Star Bob __
The __, Won The Academy Awards In 2007
Somebody Not Married
Metabolic Disease Related To High Blood Sugar
new England __ Play At Gillette Stadium
__ Beauty Is A 1959 Walt Disney Film