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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 129 Puzzle 1
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The Edible Muscle Of A Shellfish
Joan Miro Painted Portrait Of Vincent __
An Important Organ Of The Digestive Tract
Difficulty To Speak, Pausing Or Repeating Parts
__ Dunst, Actress Of Spider-man
Atypical Means __ Or Uncharacteristic
Cartoon Character Elmer J. Fudd’s Orginal Name
Japanese Heating Device, Small Cooking Stove
George Costanza’s Favorite Arcade Game
Apples And __
Saint __, Brown And White, Rescue Dogs
March __, Popular College Basketball Tournament

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 129 Puzzle 2
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Cigar __ Is Enjoying Different Types Of Cigars
Picture __
Pet Rodent With A Short Tail And Large Cheeks
Mean __, A Scorsese’s Movie With De Niro
Largest Satellite Of Uranus
Japanese-swiss Painter, Leiko __, Born 1951
Bone __, Scan For Osteoporosis
Prayer Recited By Jewish Mourners
Word For Ocean In Greek
Hanging Fabric Over A Window
Small, Soft Skin Growths
Sheldon’s Catchphrase
Car Device Used For Listening To Music
Running, Jumping Hybrid, Olympic Sport

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 129 Puzzle 3
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__ Hours, Time When Businesses Are Open
Fractured Into Pieces
Someone Who Only Reads Discussions, Never Talks
A Night Counsellor
The __ Night, Van Gogh Evening Masterpiece
__ Room, People Have To Solve Puzzles To Break Out
Fifty __ Of Grey
Endocardium Is The Inside __ Of The Heart
What Livestock Eats
Professional Who Takes Clients In Cars Or Limousines
Stretch Out, Hold Out, Make Larger Or Longer
Lettered Dice, Word Finding Game
Aerialists Who Jump Through The Air To Be Caught
Showtime Series About Lovable Serial Killer
The Capital Of Bahrain
Wood For Building Ships And Houses
Popular For Seasoning; Will Keep Vampires Away
__, The Bruce, King Of Scots Revered As A Hero
Hot Spring That Shoots Up; Old Faithful

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 129 Puzzle 4
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Cubic Silver Sulfide
To Be Made Publicly Known
Round Panel Used As A Target For Small Projectiles
Pianist And Singer, Recorded The Hit Piano Man
Ivy, Oak And Sumac __
A Small Staircase At The End Of A House
A Garry Marshall Show About Milwaukee In The 1950s
Juicy, Square Fruit, Celestial Fruit Candies
Person Who Saves Swimmers
Technique In Which A Painter Applies Paint
Character Played By Jessica Tandy On A 1989 Movie

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 129 Puzzle 5
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__ Plates, Circus Act Of Balance And Timing
Intellectual, Adjective Meaning Of The Brain
Paid Time For A Person Away From Work
__ Turtle, Powerful Jaws Snap Hard
Dough Pieces, Sweet Or Salty, Sometimes Stuffed
Truth Is __ Than Fiction
Month To Celebrate Love And Valentines
Original Scarface, Also Played Louis Pasteur
Mashed __ And Gravy
To Explode Something, Such As Dynamite
Skip, Hop Board Game Also Known As Draughts
Tiny, Colorful, Poisonous Frog Found In Tropics