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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 130 Puzzle 1
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Out On The Water
Craigslist, Online __ Platform For Goods, Services
The Manx Is A __ Breed Of Cat With No Tail.
not A Beginner, Not Intermediate, An __ Level
Better Than Something Else, Opposite Of Inferior
Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potatohead, Piggy Bank…
Hound Of Hades, Multi Headed Canine
Dish Of A Ground Meat Into Loaf Shape
Great __, Ruined Ancient African City
Michael J Fox’s 90s Political Sitcom
Carpet Clowns Work The __ Or Arena Floor In Circus

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 130 Puzzle 2
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Enzyme That Helps Digest Starches In The Body
Post Wwii Rivalry, Conflict Between Us And Ussr
Perfect For Summer Barbecues, Uses Propane
Something Clean, Unable To Bear Children
__ 5, 90’s Space Series
Likely The Mlb’s Drunkest Team
Southern State In Oh! Susanna
Less Exciting Name For Cowboy
Dessert With A Creamy Consistency
Section Of A Book
The Kind Of Wheel That Gets The Grease
Place To Grow Young Plants
Unable To Resist For Long
To Clap And Cheer After A Performance
Collection Of Weapons And Ammunition

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 130 Puzzle 3
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__ Shell, Sea Slug That Has A Spotted Skirt
__ Lake, Actress Of This Gun For Hire
Substance That Increases The Bulk Of A Product
__ Pfeiffer, Actress Of Scarface
Love __, Star Studded Romantic Comedy
An Ancient Military Device For Hurling Stones
Grinding, Or __, The Teeth At Night
The Most Populous Borough Of New York City
Eastern European Country’s Capital Is Bratislava
House Is The Theater Term For This

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 130 Puzzle 4
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Sodium Bicarbonate Aka This Common “soda”
Empoverished Area Or Neighborhood
Couch __, A Lazy Person, Tv Aficionado
Greek Goddess Of Magic And Witchcraft
Drum Shaped Like A Tapered Cylinder From Nigeria
Small Bag You Hold With Your Hands
__, The Redhead On Scooby Doo
Starchy Dough Stuffed In A Corn Husk, Mexican Dish
The Road__ Is Known For Speed, A Cartoon Character
__ Boilermakers Play Football At Ross-ade Stadium
Country With The Same Name As Its Capital, __ City
Spaceship In The First Planet Of The Apes
Backgammon Is One Of The __ Board Games
Forbidden Love Story Named After 12-year-old Girl
First, Nonbelieving Stage Of Grief
Write Something Down As Evidence
Secretion Plugging A Pore, Blackhead, Zit

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 130 Puzzle 5
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A Hit By The Beatles
Quilled Mammal, Third Largest Rodent
Religion Founded By Joseph Smith
Make Something Known In Order To Sell It
Best Known For Her Assassin’s Apprentice Series
American Wwi Soldiers
A Woman Under The __, Movie With Gena Rowland
Amazon Uses This Performance-based Marketing
Movie About A St. Bernard Named After A Composer